Eased in A Day in the Life of Me

  • April 1, 2024, 9:02 p.m.
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Seems the anxiety issues have seemed to ease slightly. The one I figured that was the reason it was kicking off had their meeting last week with senior partner basically she said they sound like a headache… Still waiting to see if it’s a headache she’ll be dumb enough to take on or not though....
There be some changes at the office coming this week that I cannot talk about yet, should be interesting to see how it all goes down..I’ve done most of the prep that I can in advance for it that I was asked to do. I have one more that I have to do this week.

Home front is going well. D has been trying to get his feet underneath him in ways of appointments. Back to regular chiro, and getting some dental taken care off. He’s seeming a bit higher in spirits.. maybe its the weather change.

Easter was a nice semi relaxing weekend for us. He had to go to work Saturday, but I was off for a 4 day weekend. Friday we hung out and watched a couple movies after we got house work done, Saturday I ran a couple errands and veggied out, talking to mom for a few hrs. Yesterday I cooked a ham dinner and we had M & G in for it. Today I had to go pick up some cross-stitch floss for my current WIP, and we ended up being out for a few hours, then we came home and watched another movie, and then I got back to work on my project.

Helping at some shows soon. Not sure when my first selling one will be yet, but there is a couple coming up I always work the ticket office for.

That’s about it for now..

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