Inner child in Memories.....or lack thereof...

  • March 23, 2024, 11:22 p.m.
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She huddles in the dark
It’s black, it’s empty, it’s void
She’s small in only rags
Utterly destroyed

The sounds are fully absent
Nothing fills the air
Aside from tiny sniffles
From underneath her hair

It smells of desperation
Of Salty tears and pain
Of inescapable torment
And her own personal shame

The floor is rough and painful
The walls feel smooth to touch
The girl shivers in the cold
With nothing to even clutch

She’s trapped there in the dark,
With nothing more to do
Than wait until the adult
Learns what she always knew.

The memories are trapped there
Inside the girl, so small
Yet she does her best
To keep ahold of them all

It’s not safe to come out yet
She hopes it will be soon
And when it does she’ll walk outside
A butterfly escaping her cocoon

Until then here she sits
Small and cold and sad
Waiting for the love she wants
The love She’s never had.

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