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  • March 20, 2024, 1:02 p.m.
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I know my last post was controversial but it is my views and my experience.

Someone left me a note and said I was entitled? How does one act entitled? How do you categorize being entitled? What does it really mean? Is it a state of mind? A tax bracket thing?

Personally I feel a person who thinks they are entitled is one that thinks people OWE them something for free. I am entitled to cut line, I am entitled to rent for free or as much as a working person…

If entitled means a person who is successful after working their whole life does not make a person entitled! It makes them capable! I am not entitled to a good easy life after retirement… NO ONE is giving me anything. I do not believe in people giving me special treatment. I am not getting free cheese, free rent, reduced rent, free food, reduced electrical bills, free cars or anything… isn’t that what entitled means… expecting special treatment…????

maybe you are confusing stable, secure, or capable for entitlement? I don’t think anyone needs to treat me different.

cal March 20, 2024 (edited March 20, 2024)


They call you entitled to shut down your opinion. Just like only women are allowed to have an opinion on domestic abuse or only blacks are allowed to talk out race. It's a way to invalidate you.

Of course, the next step is if you are in the chosen classes of the oppressed and have the wrong opinions, your opinion is still dismissed such as Justice Thomas.

Jodie March 20, 2024

After a certin age you are entitled to some perks in life like reduced bank fees or paying less for some nessities like "seniors" day or go to a restaurant and get a discount meal. And also haver 65 don't you get income that you have saved all your working life and get to live off of that? And what about your investments? All you did there was put money into them so now you are living off of the interest? What is your thought about Jo who has a disease and can't work? You think sje should just fix herself and get back to work? Here is a question for you? what if you were still struggling to pay your cars off or your house off and you still have to work and retireing looks really bleak? What if you rant out of money and had to go on wealfare? or what if you or someone else died then what? The way some people got to where they are you have no idea of what they had to go through or the issues they had to deal with.

Acess2001 April 11, 2024

Perhaps your previous post came across as feeling deserving of special treatment, like cutting lines or getting free rent a small world cup. Most people work hard for those things.

theKat Acess2001 ⋅ April 12, 2024

lmao I am honored you make a fake diary to note me... what part made you think I would ever cut lines or need or take free rent I must have hit a nerve in your real life

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