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  • March 20, 2024, 8:20 a.m.
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I am a firm believer that NO ONE should live on disability or welfare for life! Makes them feel they are entitled and lazy! Now if you are totally disabled and cannot use your arms that might be an exception but if a person is able to type online or on a phone they are able to work! They need to learn how hard it is to earn a weeks wage!
The government should make people who get disability longer than a year work at least 30 hours doing a job they are able to. if they can walk they can pick up trash along the side of the roads.... they can work at call centers, they can work in animal shelters, they can great people at Walmart, they can do day care jobs or work in nursing homes, they can hold flags for road construction…many jobs can work around their handicap needs!
I had an employee who was very handicapped… he was in a wheel chair and only had partial use of one arm. He was mentally very slow but he was able to put stickers on items. he was slower than most but it gave him pride.

Elderly people should not have to but if you are under 65 years old… you should have to work at least part time. People with disabilities can earn money and still get the disability so it is a win win!

if you can push a broom at home you are able to work part time!
I am a democrat so this post is not anti welfare.... but so many people USE the system because they are lazy! They want the easy money. Now I know now everyone is. If you made people who actually can walk bend use their arms work for 20 to 30 hours FREE to earn money 90% would get off welfare and disability and find a better paying job.

Even the very mentally disabled are able to take bags at McDonalds out to the cars waiting.

now if you have worked your ass off your whole life and become disabled.... you have earned your way but if you have a learning disability and really never worked 40 hours a week for years… maybe you are able to make changes in your life?

sourapple March 20, 2024

There is precious little understanding here about how disability can affect one’s life and the challenges of employing a person with disabilities. Just wide brush strokes glossing over an issue that’s deeply nuanced.

theKat sourapple ⋅ March 20, 2024

most places get tax breaks if they hire disabled people but they never can find any eager to work

sourapple theKat ⋅ March 20, 2024

How did you learn about this?

cal March 20, 2024

I agree with your general intent. I do think there are grey areas, but the assumption that people can't work unless proven otherwise has been devastating. We should assume they can work and find a job they can do, not drop them on welfare until they prove they can. I also think personal habits like being overweight and drug use should not be recognized disabilities. We are breaking the system because everyone wants that free cheese.

Jodie March 20, 2024

I have tried to work for pay but i was always fired after a week and I don't know why. Well one job I couldn't give change and the other times they just said they don't need me any more. The only thing I can do is vollenteer work and that doesn't pay the bills so i did need disability and i worked the days that I could and there was no complaints. I did that jib for 10 years. You have no right to tell someone who is on walfare or are lazy becasue you really don't know what they are going through or what the medicle professionals have said.

theKat Jodie ⋅ March 20, 2024

but if your government found you a job you could do and not get fired and you could earn more than disability would you take it? Hell I have failed at a few jobs too... but I did not give up

Jodie theKat ⋅ March 20, 2024

The goernment did find me a job and I got fired after a week... And because of the lack of education and the lack of skills I couldn't and still can't do a lot of jobs. And believe it or not there is a lot of discrimination like not being thin enough or the knowledge you have.

MadSeason March 20, 2024 (edited March 20, 2024)


So I assume you spoke to a vast number of people with a disability to come to these conclusions? Obviously they all told you that the only reason they are on disability is because they feel like it and it's nice to live on the bare minimum, right?
Or you have a large number of relatives and close friends with a disability? I mean surely they told you employers are lining up at their doorstep just begging them to let them provide accommodations so they can put stickers on something for minimum wage, right?
No? Well, let me tell you, having a disability is just the greatest! Really, I mean it. The thrill of what obstacles you'll encounter each and every day. Having to ask for accommodations? So amazing! Your body being uncooperative so you're late for work the 3rd time this month and get called into HR and the suspense if this will the time you get fired! Just wow, the best thing ever! I love the fight to get the mobility equipment i need. And who doesn't like health care bills, am I right? Seriously, what's there not to love.
Honestly, you should try it. It's not that hard to aquire a disability for yourself and give it a go.
(Sarcasm off. If I was ever worried that ableism has kicked the bucket you clearly showed it's still alive and kicking.)

theKat MadSeason ⋅ March 20, 2024

actually I have volunteered to help welfare to work programs and disability people we work to help them work whatever hours they can. THEY love it I have done it part time for 10 years. As a past business owner I know the value of putting people with disabilities to work. One of our girls is 23 very low IQ.... I follow her around in a job in a small shop. I teach her to dust, and hang clothes. I help her match hangers with sizes she loves and told me she feels like a real adult. Does she get much done??? NO but the pay the give her is paid by the program not the shop owner to help her

MadSeason theKat ⋅ March 20, 2024

Oh pardon me, obviously your volunteer work makes you an expert.
You might want to check your language in regards to people with a disability. Hint: person first, don't call adults a girl/boy, etc.
I hope your little slice of inspiration porn makes you feel really proud of yourself.

theKat MadSeason ⋅ March 21, 2024

and I am sure you are an expert! I did not say all of them need to work but many people are ablate fake disabilities ...I know of several. and this girl is mentally a little girl. she refers to herself as a little girl... so until you know EVERYTHING shut you opinionated mouth

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