My Son Is Here. in Me Being Me

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  • March 17, 2024, 2 a.m.
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I feel like I am being usefull and wanted. This only happens when my son is here because then I feel like I have a purpose in life. This slum lord makes me feel like I have no rights and no purpose and everything I want to do I can’t because it’s her house and she forces me to live in a mold infested place. I can’t even call this place a home because of the smell this mold has and is getting worse as the days go on and my stomach feels worse then the day before. So I call this place the place I rent because that is all I do is pay money for nothing. But for the time he is here I feel like the mother I always was even though he is an adult. he will always be my little boy.

Last night for dinner I ordered pizza because I just didn’t feel like making the roast. So today I will make it. Inless my son wants it cut into steaks. And we will have parogies and a frozen vegetable.
For the rest of the day there will be not much happening just taking it easy. We gave my son his birthday presents early because the next time he will be here will be Easter Weekend and his birthday is before that.

Well, I need to stop here…

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theKat March 17, 2024

you let her make you feel that way. you got to figure out a way to just laugh her ignorance off... maybe every times says mean things to you is to smile and say that is why I love you so much and smile real big... when you get inside and laugh your ass off. after 4 or 5 times of doing this she will get no pleasure being mean to you...afterall she is wanting a bad reaction from you... DONT give it to her.

Jodie theKat ⋅ March 17, 2024

The funny thing is I have been holding a knofe when she has come in and startles me because she doesn't knock and wait for me so the first thing she sees is me holding a knife. I haven't thorwn it yet but maybe one day I will. I often tell her to her face that she is full of shit and she has no reaction.

xcemeterydawnx May 06, 2024

Hey Jo. Can I have the leftover pizza? ;) LOL!! How is life??

Jodie xcemeterydawnx ⋅ May 07, 2024

If the slum lord were dead then the party would be here...but seeings as she is still above ground life can be better. I am still trying to find out if she is poisioning me with not fixing the mold.
I am glad to see you...hopefully this time it will be for much longer you are here....By the way I have a new facebook page so ask to add me....

xcemeterydawnx Jodie ⋅ May 07, 2024

Added you. It will be awhile bc I’m sick of ODs shit.

Jodie xcemeterydawnx ⋅ May 07, 2024

Thanks you are a swet heart...

xcemeterydawnx Jodie ⋅ May 07, 2024

No prob :D

xcemeterydawnx Jodie ⋅ May 07, 2024

No prob :D

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