UTI confirmed in The 2020s

  • March 15, 2024, 2:48 a.m.
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It has been confirmed that I do indeed have a UTI. I figured something was going on with all that burning. I mean I was using the Replens and was fine for a while until I got sick. So I ended up peeing at home and then we went down to New Port Richey, gave the sample, chatted with the nurse for a few minutes, and then left. They tested the urine there, and the nurse asked who I used for labs in case Rhonda decided she wanted a culture.

We hadn’t been home long when a notification came in saying that a prescription for nitrofurantoin had been called in. I took my first dose before bed and my second a half hour after taking my levothyroxine when I got up (schedule has me getting up around midnight now). Then I ended up napping. The stuff makes you drowsy but it’s worth it if it’s going to kill my infection. My only concern is it triggering a yeast infection. I’m going to do my best to avoid sugar like the plague. Kind of sucks that I’ll still be in treatment on painting day.

Something Tom said made me doubt the existence of God even more. I told him I felt like something was picking on me because I just can’t get a break with my health and he said he didn’t believe there was anything up there much less something that would have the time to pick on billions of people. He’s got a point there! That would take a hell of a multitasker to plan all those people’s lives on a day-to-day basis. Even if you write out their life scripts in advance, well, when you consider that over a quarter million people are born each day, that would be a lot of scripts to write out each day. That leaves the only possibility of each person having its own God or devil or both planning their lives and I can’t imagine what could possibly hate me enough to allow half of the things that have happened to me to happen. So yeah, just random chance. That’s a good thing though because that means that the cookies certainly have to crumble in my favor eventually with my health.

I still happen to get some acid reflux and nausea for no apparent reason so hopefully that will happen to stop soon too.

My Temu order came yesterday and I’m happy with everything I got. The sitting fairy isn’t realistic looking but cute. The German Shepherd statue is very realistic looking, though, and very nice. I’m straightening out the purple flower sticker for the toilet because it was a little wrinkled. I’ll throw pictures on my second Facebook account later.

I dreamed we were in a building sitting somewhere waiting for something. A few feet away a woman sat with another woman as she was telling her she had RSV. I immediately began to panic and told her that I read that you were supposed to stay 50 feet away from others if you had that, lol, and worried Tom and I would get it.

In the next dream, Tom and I were in Hawaii. We were on a very small island which I’m not sure how we got to and I was taking pictures of fish swimming nearby in the shallow water. The water was actually quite shallow and calm in a way more consistent with the Gulf than Hawaii. I looked around me at the distant shores and said to Tom that it was funny how the only way to get out to where we were was from the island.

Then we decided to break into someone’s house either because we didn’t have the money to stay anywhere or because we wanted to save money when I realized I left my phone on the island. “So we’ll go back and get it,” he said but I assured him it would be long gone by now.

So we stayed in the cluttered house throughout the night and awoke early in the morning as the sun was rising. I told Tom I thought we should hurry up and get out of there in case the owner came back. As we were gathering our stuff, sure enough, I heard the front door open. An older lady stepped in and said hello and I said hello back. I went into the room Tom was in after I finally found my phone and was terrified that the woman and her husband were going to come running in with a gun or something.

During my nap, I dreamed I was at a large gathering and my parents were still alive. I had finished eating but they were still holding their plates as we stood in a corner somewhere. I spotted Stacey sitting on a couch talking with a few people. I debated whether or not I should introduce my parents to her just so I could talk to her and after they finished eating, I decided to do just that, explaining how much she helped me during my tougher times.

Then I had a dream I awoke tired yet Tom and I went out walking with me still in my robe of all things. The park looked nothing like it really does. I was thinking how small it was and when we passed the front of the office there wasn’t a street but a grassy area instead. To the side of it was a steep drop down where a stream ran through. Tom was suddenly down there in a split second but I remained above, annoyed by the music blasting from the speakers the office had outside their place. When he came back up I bitched about it saying it was the second park to do this although the first park never did in real life and this one only does it by the pool. He said, “You know that’s computerized, don’t you?”

I said, “Yeah, but I want to hear the sound of nature, not music. I only want to hear music when I’m at home and I choose to listen to it.”

We began walking again and I then noticed the sound of little kids around me. I glanced around and saw three or four of them running about.

We came upon the open door of a restaurant. We peeked in and found it was a fancy and formal restaurant and I said to Tom, “You know that any restaurant that looks like this we could never afford.”

We walked further on and I said, “Is it me or does it seem like there are more kids around lately?”

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