Couldn't pee :-( in The 2020s

  • March 14, 2024, 7:23 a.m.
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Here’s a transcription from one of my Swellcasts. Of course I’ve had to edit a little bit here and there.

Yesterday was a good day that turned very frustrating in the end and I mean VERY frustrating. It was good in that I had more energy than I usually have. I don’t know if it’s chronic fatigue or just age or my health conditions but most days I’m kind of tired. I just don’t wake up feeling rested but I was okay yesterday.

I’m on nights so I got up at 8 PM. I did different things throughout the night in the house and when my doctor’s office opened I called them because I had been messaged by one of the nurses who’s been treating me the day before saying their schedule was wide open for me to come down and provide a urine sample to confirm or rule out if I have a UTI because I’m having some burning down there.

I never have problems giving pee samples, especially when you get older and have to pee more but I just couldn’t go! I drank before I got there and then had two cups of water while I was there but I still couldn’t go. It was so frustrating!

I felt bad for rushing my husband out of the house since I don’t drive but he insisted it was fine and that was the beauty of being retired. Things were definitely a lot harder with him working. We had more money but we didn’t have much time and I’d rather have less money and him home than have more money and him not home.

So the girl gave me a specimen cup and told me that I could pee at home and then bring it in, so this morning I’ll likely drop off a sample and that way I can finally know one way or another if I’ve got an infection or if it’s just the post-menopausal shit I gotta go through.

They replaced the screens on Ray’s lanai yesterday. I hope that doesn’t mean leaving the lanai door open more often with the TV blaring.

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