Mudslide, Rhonda in The 2020s

  • March 13, 2024, 6:57 p.m.
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Yay, I’m not as tired as I was yesterday. Despite being tired yesterday, we ran out to Publix for a few things in the morning. I’m trying Chi-Chi’s mudslide alcohol cocktail and it tastes similar to their pina colada.

Rhonda replied and refilled my medication. She said to call the office and they could get me in for a UTI test and get the results faster that way, and therefore treatment faster if it’s needed. She said their schedule is wide open for it. But unfortunately, mine isn’t. I’ll at least be up late enough into the morning to call them but might not be able to get in tomorrow morning. I’m still burning here and there and I have a bad feeling those WBC bastards are going to show up in my pee. Definitely don’t think this is a post-menopause thing because I’ve been using the Replens regularly, so if it’s not in my pee then I wonder if it could be yeast even though the symptoms don’t quite smack of that. I had Tom look down there yesterday and he didn’t see anything unusual. So my first guess would be a UTI with my second being menopause and a yeast infection being last.

Fucking Pinterest. They really piss me off at times removing my pins. They’ve decided that after years of sitting there, some pins are simply inappropriate because they don’t allow nudity or even those that are partially clothed. Swimsuits in bikinis leave you partially clothed yet they don’t seem to have a problem with that or women in lingerie. So I have no idea what it was I pinned that was supposedly inappropriate. It’s my account and I should be able to pin what I want but since I obviously can’t my account can just sit there taking up space on their servers.

Here’s my current writing plan. I decided I would go friends only on PB because there’s too much activity on that site that it gets to be a bit much to keep up with. So I’m sharing with just a small group of people this way. Public updates will appear daily on Blogger but I’ll probably update other sites in chunks, like maybe every week. I’ll just backdate the entries so they at least appear to be posted the day they were written.

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