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  • March 6, 2024, 8:02 p.m.
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Feeling the best I’ve felt since I first got sick although I still have fatigue. It’s hard to say whether the fatigue is post-recovery or just the way I usually am. I still think my TSH has risen but now that I’m back on the vitamin D every few days, that should help. I feel chilled at times but Tom thinks it’s just because it takes longer than you realize to fully recover. But this is the least nauseous I’ve been since getting sick so I’m glad for that much. My hair and skin are dry but if my TSH is that high, it wouldn’t explain why my weight is still down. I think my weight will be going back up soon, though.

Best of all, I’m now pretty sure that I didn’t get a UTI. I think that because I took a little break from my probiotics and lady lube while sick that’s why I started feeling a burning sensation again. Either that or the one Nitrofurantoin I took last night was one seriously powerful pill along with the cranberry juice I’ve been drinking. I’ll know soon enough because if it flares back up, then that will make me think some things up.

I messaged Rhonda about it and the message wasn’t picked up until this afternoon. I then sent a second message asking that she cancel the antibiotic request and explained that I don’t think I have a UTI after all but if the symptoms return I’ll do an urgent video appointment.

More good news. I haven’t had to sleep with the nasal dilator and I haven’t snored in a while so I think the problem was the blood pressure medicine. Also, when I took my blood pressure earlier, it was 113/73, so I don’t think I really need to try anything else. As long as I watch what I eat I should be okay.

Even more good news. Yes, I have a few good things which is great. The only negative is my fatigue. The dishwasher is fixed and Tom was in and out of the plasma place in under an hour. We’ve also been making decent money online. Not move-to-Hawaii kind of decent but still decent. I even splurged on a small Temu order and got $33 worth of stuff that would have normally cost about $100 elsewhere. I got a couple of figurines, lip gloss, a 6-pack of G-strings, and another sticker to decorate the toilet seat with. Pictures will eventually show up on my secondary Facebook account. Just not of me wearing the G-strings of course. LOL.

One figurine is a fairy that sits on the edge of a shelf, windowsill, table, or wherever you want to put her. The other is a German shepherd and while I may not be a dog fan, it seems to be a really nice and realistic sculpture.

The good news still goes on…although it’s delayed a month, I got a call from my ENT’s office saying that the doctor will be in surgery during my appointment and it was bumped up to late April at a time that fits into my schedule much better. So now I don’t have to stress over that.

And the last bit of good news is that the honker’s company left. Seems that way anyway. Tomorrow I’ll take a chance when I crash and not blast the sound machine so loud and hope he stays off the motorcycle. There shouldn’t be any thunderstorms to worry about but I’d rather Mother Nature than human assholes.

Saw a crime documentary about a guy in the UK who went down for 8 years for cyberstalking people for years. They talked about his childhood, how he didn’t know he was autistic at the time, how he felt bullied and alienated, and how many (not all) are a problem in society and use their autism as an excuse to give people so much grief. I know not all of them are trouble but I think that many of them know exactly what they’re doing but instead of doing something to better themselves, they use their condition as a ticket to act out. And OMG, the inappropriately intense emotions and paranoia! It seems that where most people would get moderately upset over something more serious, these people will go ballistic over next to nothing.
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