Revisiting the sleep apnea possibility in The 2020s

  • March 29, 2024, 12:56 a.m.
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Slept for 8 hours, got a sleep score of 90, and still woke up tired. I didn’t return to bed, but I laid down here and there.

My weight is now down to 158.3 and it’s definitely not from dieting, so if my TSH isn’t high then that means something else is going on to cause the fatigue.

I did some research and I highly doubt I’m anemic. I also doubt the presence of cancer. So maybe borderline sleep apnea really is enough to cause such noticeable fatigue after all, and as I said to Tom, I’m ready to carry on with the process of elimination. So I want to get a mouthguard for that and see if it helps. I don’t want to invest in an orthodontist unless I think it can help me so we’ll start with something OTC.

When I got up, we tested my blood sugar and I’m still prediabetic with a reading of 104. I asked the AI what could cause recurring nail fungus and one of the things that came up was diabetes. But can being prediabetic can cause that?

I had a dream that my TSH was 68 but there’s no way it could be unless I wasn’t on any medication. So unless something more sinister is going on, the sleep apnea could be what’s making me so tired after all. The only thing that doesn’t make sense about sleep apnea is why it’s been an issue these past three or four years. Maybe there’s a connection to being menopausal. I did gain weight upon entering menopause.

At least not all the doctors blow me off. I never heard back from Rhonda. However, I messaged my GYN yesterday and told her about my issues with suppositories and applicators and asked if she had any suggestions. Her nurse got back to me and suggested I get a silicone-based lubricant and come in for reevaluation if I wanted to.

I still want to see if I can get it under control myself before I resort to making an appointment. One thing I read you can do to help with vaginal atrophy is Kegel exercises, but I don’t know if that would help in my case. I’ll start with the silicone lube. I just got a sample rather than a full-size bottle because I didn’t see the point in spending the money to get a full-size bottle if it’s not going to help.

So we did an Amazon order and I have silicone-based lube on the way since the one I have is water-based. Tom’s getting these skin-thickening supplements. He wants to see if that will help his plasma bruises heal faster. We got a few things from Amazon today too. I got a variety pack of flavored lipgloss and medium grit pumice sponges for removing foot calluses. I’ve got roll-on cuticle oil on the way and eventually, I want to try this new electric nail trimmer they have.

I find myself burping a lot these days, and I remembered the nurse I talked to during my virtual appointment when I had the norovirus telling me to be sure I sipped Gatorade without a straw so I don’t get air in my stomach. I usually use a straw so I don’t get my lipstick on glasses but lately, I’ve been sipping from glasses and it does seem to make me burp less.
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