High-rise dreaming in The 2020s

  • March 30, 2024, 1:48 p.m.
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Today I have pretty good energy compared to what I usually have and Tom and I are still none the wiser as to what’s causing it to come and go.

Yesterday’s sleep score was 90 with two spikes in oxygen saturation yet I was totally exhausted at the beginning of my day. Today’s score was only 83 with three spikes yet I’ve got decent energy. So we both agree that a mouthguard for sleep apnea may not make a difference. I think I’m just cursed with chronic fatigue that comes and goes but mostly comes. I’ve wracked my brain trying to think of all the different things that could cause it and nothing makes sense but chronic fatigue. Fatigue from any kind of cancer wouldn’t come and go, especially for nearly 4 years, so unless I’ve had an underlying and undetected infection going on, what else could it be?

The honker shared some pics of the river he had dinner by with a few friends, including Little Miss Be Happy. I said it looked lovely and to have a safe trip home, curious to see if he would say he wasn’t going home soon but he just “liked” it.

Well, there’s no sign of him going anywhere too soon. His American Canadian flag is still up and the trailer isn’t here yet.

Tom and I were talking about it and the more we discuss one day moving to a high-rise condo overlooking the ocean, the more it appeals to me! But sadly, it’s almost certainly just a dream. It isn’t that I don’t think we can find one for seniors but that I don’t think it’s anything lower-income people can afford. If we could have it soundproofed before we moved in, it would be a great place to spend our final years even if it wasn’t much bigger than this place. We would be better insulated from outside sounds as well. If we were up high enough, who cares if the mowers came right up to the wall of the building if it wasn’t literally just a few feet away from where I slept? It might also make sleeping through storms easier because I can assure you the thunder wasn’t nearly as loud in the Hilton as it is in this place. The last time we had a storm the thunder sounded like something crashed down on top of the house! Motorcycles wouldn’t be such a big deal and Tom wouldn’t have to worry about power washing, weeding, or the roof leaking either.

The only thing we would lose would be the storeroom and we might have small stackables for a washer and dryer inside the place but it would still be worth it. The only deal breaker would be if it had just one bathroom. How awesome it would be to relax out on the balcony which would still be relatively private since it would be high up and to have such a spectacular view! To simply drop down in an elevator to go for a stroll on the beach or a dip in the ocean would be beyond heaven!

Again, I don’t see it ever happening. I don’t see us moving to another standalone house similar to this let alone a beachfront high-rise.

I definitely don’t think I could live where Jessie lives. I asked her if it was noisier lately because of the increase in rocket launches and she said she’s used to it and feels it more than she hears it. That statement reminded me of Maricopa! Sometimes we didn’t hear the sonic booms there but we sure felt them.
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