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  • March 26, 2024, 10:24 p.m.
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Getting to know Veed a little better which is going to be my Swell replacement for now when it comes to audio journaling (ask if you want the link).

Got up in the afternoon after 5.5 hours of sleep, so of course I was tired and regretted the nap I had taken the day before. However, I perked up later on and we’ll see if I pull another 18er. Yeah, that was the third day in a row I was up for 18 hours. Wondering if my thyroid levels may be a factor in that but at least I’m not anxious. Yesterday and the day before I was kind of getting close to borderline but not exactly anything I would call anxious. Today I’m feeling good. That may be because I got out.

We went to CVS to use more of my credit. We got lavender-scented Epsom salts which I’m going to use in my foot bath while I meditate in VR after I post this entry. We also got Ibuprofen PM.

The redneck was funny again because he was coming down the street on the cart with Happy as we were pulling out and he again reached over with a hand and covered his mouth, LOL. Annoying dog or not, Steve definitely has the sense of humor the honker doesn’t have.

Speaking of the honker and Ray. Ray took his American flag down and the honker took one of his two flags down. The sport-related one. Unfortunately, the honker probably isn’t going anywhere soon but I wonder if Ray is. Leave it to the quieter one to depart first!

The fuckers down the street were revving their motorcycles and I was like, go ahead assholes, feed my dream even more! They only serve as an additional inspiration to one day strive for a better place, not that this one is bad. Yes, it’s got planes, motorcycles, and dogs, and it’s too small, but it’s still paradise compared to the old place. Even so, I’m not going to expect but I’m going to hope and dream.

Tom was rather busy today, so I was surprised to find when I checked the camera this evening. He added another window displaying the view to the Toni/redneck side. Not as good quality as the cam on the honker/Ray side, and Toni’s SUV blocks the redneck’s place, but it’s nice to have the dual spy option. I would make a great detective, LOL! These days it’s always good to see what’s going on around your place because you just never know.

The yeast infection treatment kit came today so hopefully I’ll be able to use it and rule out whether or not the burning is yeast. If it isn’t, then I guess that leaves menopause, assuming I don’t have any kind of rare cancers that haven’t been detected yet.

I would have loved to get one of those UTI testing kits where you piss on a strip to see if it darkened, indicating WBC still present in my pee but they didn’t have any.

Love how the governor of Alabama decided to ban DEI in schools, citing that liberal teachers would push their views on students or some shit like that. eyeroll Okay, help me out here. First, how does she know all the teachers are liberal? Secondly, why does she assume they’re going to teach in any kind of biased way and not simply present the facts and let the kids take it how they want?

I also love how she claims the state is otherwise “proud” of its diversity. What diversity? There are many black people there but the fucked up state is no more equal or inclusive than Florida.
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