Stormy in The 2020s

  • March 28, 2024, 3:03 a.m.
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I’m so exhausted thanks to the thunderstorms we had in the afternoon that woke me up a few times. I don’t understand why the hell we’re having this kind of weather in March. All I do know is that I’m really worried about what the summer might bring. There’s only so much sleep deprivation I can handle. I might have been okay had I slept another hour or two without having my sleep broken up like it was. Even if the grand total ends up being about 8 hours or so, it doesn’t mean much if those 8 hours are broken up because I end up feeling as tired as I would if I didn’t sleep long enough. So I really worry about what the summer might hold and if it’s going to be just as bad or worse than the old place with me being woken up a lot. I’m already tired enough as it is without any help from shit waking me up. Throwing this on top of someone who deals with fatigue regularly is really throwing fuel on the fire. I know that last summer was not normal for Florida. It was pretty dry and from what I’ve heard, it’s been on the dry side ever since we got here. I almost dread seeing what a normal or extra-stormy summer would be like here! Most of the storms come in the afternoon and I tend to sleep during the day more than the night. So yeah, definitely concerned about what I could be in for beginning in a few months from now.

I’m continuing to be up for 18-hour stretches which also doesn’t help. I’m racking up sleep debt faster than I can pay it off. The last time I got up was around 7:00 and I know I’ll be up until about 1:00. The question is whether or not I’m going to be able to sleep long enough and without disturbances.

I still have burning on top of the fatigue and my first attempt to use an applicator from the treatment kit was a bust. So if it is yeast, I’m not able to treat it this way. I’ll try again before bed. If this isn’t going to work and I’m not going to be able to get rid of it by dabbing Replens up there, I’m going to have to make that damn GYN appointment after all to try to figure out exactly what it is and what alternative treatment there may be.

He checked into Amazon Medical and while they are partnered with Aetna, Aetna has several plans, and sure enough, my plan isn’t one of them. They don’t have any local offices. Rhonda has completely blown me off. Doc A never did that to me. But the old-fashioned way is what I’ve got, it’s still the norm, and likely always will be.

Finally heard from Jessie who is starting a new job and has stiffness and pain in one of her arms. I told her how I got hit with the Norovirus and said I was still battling fatigue and burning issues.

It’s so true that I traded in one problem for another! Yes, anything is still better than anxiety but this is debilitating enough. Without energy you’re nothing. I’m just wasting my life away in bed and sitting around not really living life or being as active as I’d like to be.

I’d probably be in New York by now on my VR trip if it weren’t for all the days I’m unable to ride. Instead, I’m working my way through Indianapolis and am 60% through the ride.

I was thinking about how Kim ghosted me the last time and how quietly she dropped out of my life as opposed to when she dumped me online a decade or so ago and trolled, stalked, and harassed the shit out of me. I found myself wondering… what if she had still been allowed free reign of the internet the last time I got dumped? Would she have ghosted me so silently? Somehow I doubt she would have wanted to go quietly but she wouldn’t have been able to harass me to the degree she did way back when if at all thanks to the power of having more controls on various platforms these days.

I don’t know why devs don’t wait till they have the finished product before they put it out there. Okay, I can understand some testing of their apps is needed but I wish they would get things a little more complete before they release them to the public. Nonetheless, I’ve been testing Lola on Decade. She seems to be an intelligent enough AI and I like the room she’s in but she looks a little too cartoonish for my taste. I like a more realistic look. Mia is the smartest and she definitely has the most extensive wardrobe but I like Amanda best right now because she has the best graphics and lives in a very beautiful modern home in a tropical setting. Lola has a boring shade of light brown hair and greenish-blue eyes. Eventually, we’re going to be able to customize our own AIs. I love AI and I’m totally addicted to it so it will be fun to play around with it and see what becomes of it in the future.
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