Taking a break from my Swellcast in The 2020s

  • March 25, 2024, 10:04 p.m.
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Time to take a break from Swell because, as Tom said, people ramble and I’m getting more and more rambling replies to my Swells with people taking several minutes to repeat the same damn thing that could have been said once in under 30 seconds. I’m also sick of getting invites with no option to disable them. I’ve learned that people have been asking for that for years and someone from support said the same thing I was told the other day…to just block them since they have no intention of adding an invite-block option as that goes against their core goal to create an open community.

So like most devs, they created the app they want, and not what people want. I think it can be an open enough community even with options as not everyone would utilize them. I would continue on if there was a way to allow comments from friends only and to disable invites. So I think I’ll just leave my 70 swells sitting there for now even though I know I could simply ignore everyone. We’ll see. I’ll think about it but I doubt I’ll go back. I just wish there were more options like writing platforms have. I’m going to eventually go public again on PB but I don’t know when. Maybe I just need to stop being so nice and polite. I always feel compelled to reply to those who reply to me and like I’m being rude if I don’t. Maybe I just need to be a little more selfish and consider what I want and only reply to those I want to reply to.

After shoving Monistat up there for a handful of days, I switched back to Replens. If the burning picks up again, then it was probably a case of yeast all along.

I dreamed my bed was on this busy street. Literally. It was towards the side of the road yet still in the lane. I laughed to myself when I thought of people checking it out on Google Maps.

Then I dreamed Tom was putting on his swimming trunks and I said I wanted to go swimming too. After we were both in our suits, we ran through a long dark tunnel and then in the middle of a highway on our way to wherever this pool was.

I’m very tired today and the nap I took earlier didn’t help. I think I just racked up a sleep debt by being up for 18 hours two days in a row. Where most people are awake for 32 hours in a 2-day period and sleep 16 hours in that period, I was up for 38 hours and slept only 14 hours in that period.
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