Fatigue and burning in The 2020s

  • March 23, 2024, 3:42 p.m.
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Woke up with decent energy, but then I felt tired after spending a little over an hour finishing up the organization of the master bathroom and a few other things.

I messaged Rhonda about the fatigue, and due to their stupid character limitation, I had to send two messages explaining that my TSH has risen for no apparent reason in the past, and more so after having my gallbladder removed a year ago. I also told her I had to slowly titrate my dose because rapid dosing of levo makes me anxious, but that even though we were slowly increasing my dose, it still was going up. I told her I was wondering if that could be happening again and requested an order be sent to the lab.

As for the burning down in Ladyland…it was virtually non-noticeable yesterday but today it’s picking up again. I went from thinking it was a UTI to menopause to a yeast infection and back to menopause. It’s really frustrating not knowing for sure what’s causing the fatigue and the burning. But why would the burning move? It started where I pee and moved back towards the vag. Also, I swear I felt something weird when I stuck a fingertip full of Monistat up there. I actually noticed this before and I’m 99% sure it’s nothing but it almost felt like zits or something. Maybe the skin just inside there is irritated from menopause dryness which is causing the burning sensation.

As I told Tom, I think we should try Amazon’s medical care for a month to at least see what it’s like. That way it’s only $10 and we’re not locked in long-term. But if I do like it better, since communication is a bit hard the old-fashioned way, it’d be $100 a year, which is less than half of Galileo. Amazon also accepts all kinds of plans, including mine.

I dreamed I got a $400 plane ticket to go visit Becky from VH. Although I enjoyed hanging out with her, I regretted going when I did because I was on nights at that time.

Then I dreamed we were going to adopt a 9-year-old girl. Someone Tom knew who died wanted us to have her. So my first thought was that at least the kid was older and this way we wouldn’t have to die alone but then I began to wonder how we would work it out with my schedule and being in an adult community.
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