Mani-pedi in The 2020s

  • March 19, 2024, 8:31 p.m.
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Today has been a mix of fun, frustration, and fatigue, and right now I’m getting kind of pissed because Happy’s barking his ass off. First time it’s gone on for several minutes rather than just seconds that I wonder if they left the damn thing home with the windows open. This is definitely a great day for opening windows even if it’s unusually cool. Either way, I hope this doesn’t become a regular occurrence.

My trip to the salon cost $91 which is a bit of a setback to my waterbed savings but it was definitely well worth it. They did a fantastic job! I got a gel mani in pink glitter and a gel pedi in purple glitter. They put an acrylic covering over the split nail as well.

We looked in a nearby thrift shop after that and didn’t find anything there. That’s a good thing since I spent enough money.

Then I got to come home and play phone with the damn nurse’s office again because they now tell me they’re not allowed to leave messages even though I was told earlier that they could. All they wanted to do was ask if I had any questions. Still hate having to go back to this old-fashioned doctor/patient setup!
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