Nitrofurantoin side effects in The 2020s

  • March 17, 2024, 11:32 a.m.
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After five doses, I had to stop the Nitrofurantoin because it was affecting my lungs. I woke up with my lungs tight and was coughing and had a little congestion which didn’t seem normal for me. It was then that I remembered this is a potential side effect of this antibiotic and that I started to have the same experience the last time I was on it before they switched me to something else when my UTI became a kidney infection.

Tomorrow I’ll have to call Rhonda since it’s Sunday today. That’s what I miss about Galileo…being able to contact someone right away 24/7. I also hate having to go through someone else instead of directly talking to who I need to talk to and relying on them to relay the message accurately.

Last night’s dreams were vague. I rode my bike for quite a while and managed to break into a hotel room we stayed in a few days ago because I suddenly needed to get a hold of Tom in a hurry who was working somewhere. When I entered the room, I was surprised to find it hadn’t been cleaned since we left. Some of the stuff we left behind was still strewn about.

I heard voices outside and worried the housekeeper would be in to clean it soon so I pulled out my phone and tried to reach Tom but kept getting these strange messages. I peeked out the window by the door and saw a woman wearing a swimsuit talking to someone so I was hopeful that the housekeeper wasn’t near after all.

In the next dream, I was in a car with a woman when we stopped at a light. Two guys ran up and tapped on our windows and I urged the woman to ignore them because I recognized it as part of a dangerous ruse that was going around to trap and kill people. This had been happening in the area recently and all of the victims ended up dead within a week or two.

Suddenly, I was at home with this woman and a guy who also lived with us in an apartment. The guy was replacing the wooden door with a frosted door like what you see in shower stalls and I worried that if the killers found us, we wouldn’t have much privacy.

The honker reminded me that the people here are definitely not that friendly. I went outside and our exchange went like this:

Me: Hello.

Him: Hi.

Me: How are you doing?

Him: Fine.

Never even asked how I was doing in return or anything.

He seems to have gotten less friendly over time yet nothing has changed. Or has it? As in something I said in one of my posts? Me being Jewish? Liberal? Or maybe he found my blog. Personally, I don’t care what his reasons are as long as he doesn’t do anything wrong. It isn’t what people think but what they do that matters. His coldness makes me a little surprised that he hasn’t deleted me.

I suppose that if anyone could or would be curious enough to look for info on me and dig up my blog, it may be him, but if he found it, he found it, the same as with anyone else. Whenever we go online, we have to accept the possibility that we may find something we wish we didn’t and I definitely don’t say nice things about motorcycles.

I noticed that Ray had the grass cleared by the side and back of his place, suggesting he’s going to add gravel there as well. I thought I heard someone out there yesterday But Tom says it’s been like that for over a week. I hope they get it over with, whatever they’re going to do, before I start sleeping in since it involves some hammering.

This could be a good thing for us because that would mean less gravel or bark or whatever of our own to put down alongside there that would keep the mowers from going through there. They would still be able to go in back but not where the windows are on the side.
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