Burning in The 2020s

  • March 12, 2024, 12:45 a.m.
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I’m glad I decided to allow comments again. Not just because I feel cut off from friends I’ve made that I’ve known for a while and never had any problems with but because I decided that’s it, I’m not going to be afraid of potential bullies anymore! I don’t have to deal with them. All I have to do is block them and poof! They’re gone like magic. So if anyone gives me any grief I will be the magician who makes them magically disappear.

If I do choose to disable comments on a particular post, that doesn’t mean be sneaky and look for other entries where comments are allowed so you can reach me that way. Just be respectful, okay? :-)

Another reason I blocked comments for a while is because I didn’t want to get overrun with so many comments and feel obligated to reply to everyone when I didn’t always have the time and energy for that sort of thing and still don’t. I’ll do my best, though.

So I messaged Rhonda asking for refills and decided to ask for a lab order to have my urine tested as well because I still have intermittent burning. It’s been worse today. But rather than assume it’s a UTI and ask for antibiotics, I want to find out one way or another first. It could still be a menopause thing but I’ve been using the Replens so the fact that it’s worse, especially after getting sick, makes me think it is some kind of infection. If it’s not a UTI, maybe it’s yeast. I don’t know, but this way I can find out.

If Rhonda takes too long to get back to me or there are any problems with communication, I may seriously consider Amazon. They now have a service similar to Galileo. It would be $100 a year but they not only work with more than just one insurance company but would also be much faster and more convenient.

I found my first Swell account by accident. I was looking up Hashimoto’s when I pulled it up. Couldn’t remember if I deleted my account there from 2 years ago or if I just left it sitting there. I don’t remember the login credentials but that’s okay because one account is enough and I can just stick with the new one. It’s nice that they kept it there, though, and didn’t delete it just because I wasn’t using it. Some of the audios I recently did have static in them and I’m not sure why.

Finally remember a couple of dreams I had. We moved into a rental house in a regular neighborhood. At the end of a little hallway was a floor-to-ceiling window with a dirt wall that sort of looked like a retaining wall straight ahead of it. Water oozed out of it and I exclaimed excitedly to Tom what a great view we had of a waterfall.

He smiled with amusement and said, “That’s not a waterfall, sweetie,” and explained that it was just stormwater. As I gazed out this window, I looked up a steep hill at a series of houses and was surprised I wasn’t hearing any barking but knew that sooner or later that would be an issue.

The second dream wasn’t good at all. It was another weird dream of me being on probation. It might have been connected to those that victimized me in real life. Tom and I were at some kind of store or diner when he got a call from my new PO whom I hadn’t met yet saying he would meet me there, and I regretted mentioning earlier in an email or text message to the guy that we were going to be there.

I said, “I’m not waiting an hour,” loud enough for the guy to hear and Tom looked at me a second later and said he would be there at 3:00. I looked at a clock and saw that would be a half hour from then.

Then Tom had to go somewhere and left me there to wait. A young woman who worked there was suddenly walking beside me in the parking lot. I asked if I could go back and wait inside but she said she was closing the place.
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SambucaBunny March 12, 2024

I have dreams that barely make any sense at all.. disconnecting ones, y'know? I know ppl were being bullied on OD but here?? 😲

Mystery SambucaBunny ⋅ March 12, 2024

There are trolls everywhere.

SambucaBunny Mystery ⋅ March 12, 2024

Ugh, I'm sorry hon. ♥

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