So i had a bit of a breakdown the other night. in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Feb. 12, 2024, 12:08 a.m.
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Yeah hi. First off I want to say i’m -mostly- okay. But the other night As I was checking the laundry in the basement, i noticed a big puddle and a drip from the ceiling where the bathtub is above it. I lost it for about an hour. It was an expense I did not need. Especially with me needing a car (Which is another story because my credit is one stage above miserable, see previous entry, which is a whole other journey) But fortunately, after i shook it off a bit the rational side of me realized that oh it always leaks if either there is a big drip or a lot of water go down quickly. There was a big drip. I shut it off, plugged the drain and boom its okay. I even took a bath and no puddles, not even a small one.

So meltdown was… kind of for naught but i’m still kind of stressing over the lack of a car. I’m trying to find a decent one in the range of 4-9k and ive found a couple but.. oh look financing. Blargh.

So I have to walk to a few places and rely on people to take me to my Tuesday night group, which for me, i dont like relying on people for things like that.

And THEN there is idiot man aka my brother. Here is how he has behaved recently.

Taken me to get the hulk of my car: No conversation, I say thank you, nothing in return.

Has a Roku he never uses, my mom asked constantly if she could have it because her roku is a bit older. He gave it away.

He takes me to a couple banks and to get pop and taco stuff. He says “Which bank first” I say “First commonwealth” and for some raisin, he didnt know where it was even though he drives by it all the time. Ugh. So. Once again I say thank you, never got anything in return.

My mom asked to borrow a little bit of money (ok well 400 bucks isn’t a little bit but you know) this was last night, didnt hear anything back today and I honestly dont think he’ll do it. My mom keeps saying “He has to start doing things around here” I gave up on him being a brother a long time ago. hes just some idiot that comes around sometimes.


Football is over. I am sad. It was a decent SB Though. B-.

Penacony for HSR was really fun, and some of those side quests were REALLY Heavy emotionally.

Thats all. I get to walk to verizon to pay my bill tomorrow! Yay.

Keelah Se’lai.


Edit: It is kind of funny to see all the morons who think the NFL is scripted or are having a meltdown because Kelce aka Swifts BF won.

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