2/2/24 in 2024

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  • Feb. 2, 2024, 1 a.m.
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Guess what? It’s Friday night and my new card never arrived this week. Thank God Nedim has Zelle so I could pay him rent…I can’t do Ipsy or Hulu, though.
Pann has strep and can’t come tomorrow EITHER. Now we’re planning to get together for my birthday instead, although it’s a week day, so it’ll be the weekend before or after.
Folded all my clean laundry today and started putting clothes from the shelf into a bag. I’ll have to finish the process tomorrow and clean up, so my room is ready for the dresser delivery Sunday. I’m so excited to have a dresser again.
The money tree has droopy leaves and I had to pull a ton more off that turned yellow, so I moved it and hope it’ll be happier. About to Google it desperately again.

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