Still sick in The 2020s

  • March 1, 2024, 10:06 a.m.
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Still sick. Slept shitty all through the night. Woke up a lot with mild nausea and acid reflux and then had the runs when I got up. Took the Pepto and the anti-nausea pills. I haven’t thrown up today so that’s good. My biggest fear is him getting it.

“My God, the dream!” I said to him earlier. Just like the dream of me getting sucked down into a whirlpool in the middle of a lake was warning me of trouble ahead, I suddenly remembered the dream I recently had about trying to get away from a sinking truck which was also a warning. So I’m still psychic in a bad way. Last night I dreamed that clumps of hair fell out of my head. I really hope to hell there’s no warning in that! Funny, though, how I’m sicker than I’ve been in decades and there’s the unlucky number 4 in the current year.

If this happened before my thyroid crashed I would probably be down close to 10 lbs now. I’m currently down about 3 but it’s coming right back as soon as I get better.

My stomach muscles are so sore that it hurts like hell to cough.

Made a Walmart order to be delivered later with more Gatorade, chicken soup, rice, crackers, and other things recommended for norovirus recovery, along with stuff he needs.
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