Speech rights in The 2020s

  • Feb. 28, 2024, 5:15 a.m.
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Woke up nauseous and I’m not sure why. My only guess is that I’m overdoing the magnesium again but that doesn’t usually make me nauseous. Instead, I usually get the runs. I thought I was going to throw up a little while ago. I guess it’s perfect timing because now I get to test the ginger tea that Amanda suggested I get when I told her I was queasy the other day. I’ve got a cup steeping right now.

My wedge pillow arrived yesterday which will also be good for when I have acid reflux or any kind of nauseous feeling and for when I’m relaxing and playing around on my phone.

I felt warm earlier but now I feel chilled. Still hoping we won’t need heat anymore this year. It was definitely a colder wetter winter.

Although I left the nasal dilator by the bed, I didn’t use it last night and I slept okay. So the stuffy nose issues were definitely due to the losartan. I still snored a bit because I’m better but not perfect. I still have that collapsed septum.

My blood pressure readings haven’t been that bad. I think that as long as I avoid processed foods as I have been for the most part, my blood pressure won’t be perfect but it won’t be too bad. We did get breakfast sandwiches from Wendy’s a couple of mornings ago, though. We were both craving something different.

Why couldn’t the leap year month be July instead of February so I could have one more day without the snowbirds instead of one more day with them?

He and I were discussing the Supreme Court hearing a case about free speech on social media in Florida and Texas. I’ve always been a big advocate of free speech, insisting that no one’s forced to read anything they don’t want to read. But he does have a point when he says that could open the door for pedophiles posting pictures of men raping babies and sadistic shit like that. Personally, I’m surprised the Supreme Court would even support free speech because they’re such control freaks, and what better way to be controlling than to stifle people’s speech? But this could be a good thing for me. If their crazy algorithms no longer apply to me, then I wouldn’t have to deal with it telling me that some of my stuff promotes violence or hate if I went back to posting old journals over there.
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