Dilators and dreams in The 2020s

  • Feb. 27, 2024, 6:29 a.m.
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Got the nasal dilators and believe it or not, the smallest size fits my child’s size nose. Hopefully, this will help keep me breathing easier in my sleep and will be a cheaper alternative to buying nose strips.

Those damn parents of mine can’t stay out of my dreams. Again I was living with them. We recently moved into a large multi-story house, probably somewhere in the Northeast. The houses were spacious but closely set and I hoped we wouldn’t hear the neighbors’ TV.

I was just waking up late one morning when I looked out the window by the head of my bed to see my father down in the driveway pulling out. Mom was still in the house somewhere. I dozed back off and awoke an hour later to the sound of my father talking to some woman who was visiting.

In the next dream, Tom and I were on vacation somewhere. We were staying on a rocky Island and while he was busy doing something else, I headed onto a cliff with an amazing view. A handful of people were swimming and in paddle boats. Part of the rocky cliff was just a few inches above water level and the water was crystal clear and very deep. I could see well over 100 ft down into the water which was kind of cool to the touch.

Then I had a couple of unpleasant dreams. In one of them, I was in the middle of a lake when a truck rolled into it and began to sink about 20 ft away. I swam as quickly as I could away from it so the suction wouldn’t pull me down as it sank.

The last dream I remember was horrible because I was slapping a pet rat on the nose, something I would never do.
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