What if I'm right and they're all crazy? in The 2020s

  • Feb. 26, 2024, 1:19 a.m.
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My blood pressure is back up (especially the systolic in the 140s). As Tom reminded me, they do give you medicine for a reason, LOL. The stuff definitely works! But my nose is slightly clearer… I think. I’m still snoring a bit and a bit stuffy as well. The snoring is definitely from my nose and not originating in my throat. I’ll give it a few more days before deciding whether or not to resume the losartan.

Looks can be deceiving and sometimes it’s in a good way. We’re usually our own worst critic but even I agree that I always look younger than my age and lighter than my weight. I look late forties instead of late 50s and about 140 lbs instead of the 161 I usually wake up at. I still have good muscle tone visible in my shoulders, upper arms, upper abs, and calves. But to be honest, I don’t think I’m going to be able to lose weight. I just don’t have a fast enough metabolism for it. The best I can do is just eat as sensibly as I can and be glad I’m not that big.

Yesterday I got fresh salmon fillets and it was the best damn salmon I ever had! I made it their way and instead of heating up a skillet with oil first and simply seasoning the fish, they said to heat it up empty for a few minutes which I did, then add oil, then pat the fish dry, then season it and sear it on both sides for a few minutes. I added a little plant-based butter that I’m trying and OMG, it was so good! So much so that I later had a second piece and ended up feeling nauseous for hours because of all the grease. Better take a day off from fish lest I acquire mercury poisoning, LOL.

So I was doing some deep thinking (I often do) and usually, when masses of people think, feel, do, or believe a certain thing, it’s for a reason. Right? Well, that’s what they say anyway. So when I think of all the people out there who believe in God, who hate gays, and the growing number of anti-abortion people, could Tom and I be the only sane ones in the world who have it right while the rest of the world is just plain crazy?

I have tried and tried to see things from their perspective but I just can’t. I don’t see how the fetus suffers during abortion, especially early on. Even if it could, there are ways to get around that and prevent suffering.

As for the gays, I still don’t see how anyone can assume that an unseen and unproven entity has decided that two consenting adults who love each other is wrong just because they share the same body parts.

So yeah, I think we’re okay and it’s the rest of the world that’s crazy. Scary to think that we could be living in a world surrounded by so many delusional people but that’s the way it at least seems to me.

Starting to wish someone would do something about these dogs but of course they won’t. That’s another thing I don’t get is how people can live with such maddening barking on and off all through the night. They’ve never been this loud and I really think they’re running around loose. I swear they sound like they’re in the field and back at times. It’s like they’re running around the area barking at everything and anything. Dogs don’t only bark on their own property. Dogs used to come barking onto our land in Arizona.

Ah, Arizona. I would never want to live there again but I sure miss the atmosphere that was present when I was there. You know how we feel different things and different ways at different times of our lives regardless of what may be going on at the moment? Well, Arizona had the best atmosphere in the apartments and houses I lived in, even if life wasn’t always great there.

They say that the atmosphere of different places and times in our lives is influenced by a combination of factors such as our experiences, emotions, surroundings, and the people we are with. These elements create unique and irreplicable moments that become intertwined with our memories. As we move forward in life, our perspectives, circumstances, and surroundings change, making it difficult to fully recreate the atmosphere of past moments. Additionally, nostalgia often colors our memories, enhancing the perceived uniqueness of those moments. So I’m sure that if we were there all over again it wouldn’t be the same just like it wouldn’t be the same if we moved here 20 or 30 years ago.

For once I got to have fun dreams involving an older but hot Italian woman. My only concern was how I would sleep when on nights with all the people and activities around me. I was in some kind of camp in which there were all kinds of fun activities indoors and outdoors. I was really enjoying myself and the times I would meet with this woman who worked there. One time I was focused on something in particular that I was reading and she asked what kind of music I wanted to hear. I told her nothing appealed to me at that moment.

I later went back into that same room and sat down in a plush chair with my phone where I was playing some kind of game and was delighted to realize I won $500. Then I turned around and saw a huge entertainment center with a TV that was playing quietly and a jukebox. I realized that was why the Italian woman asked what I wanted to hear earlier.
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