Colleen in The 2020s

  • Feb. 21, 2024, 11:37 p.m.
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Yesterday I was tired and managed to perk up a few hours later. So far, nothing’s helping me perk up today. I was up a long time and I’ve been sleeping shitty, as usual, waking up a lot. Maybe hydroxyzine is in order next time around to help me sleep better.

Temperatures will be up tomorrow along with the threat of motorcycles waking me up but since I slept through the mower and the honker pressure washing today, I’m hoping I’ll be okay. The pressure washer isn’t nearly as loud as the mower, though.

So the honker is dating exactly who I suspected he was dating unless they’re just damn good friends. I don’t know about that though because they shared a bunch of pics in the group from the Valentine dance and the honker was dancing with a woman named Colleen in one of the pictures. She “goes” with him too. I mean she’s a good-looking lady for her age but she looks slightly rough around the edges and I can see why they’re attracted to each other. She’s thin and he’s fat but I can still see where she would be drawn to him and him to her.

Although she has no public profile information, her name suggests she’s married so maybe she’s having an affair but if she is, she sure is doing it right under her husband’s nose since she lives here. Maybe she’s a widow. Either way, I hope to hell that if she moves in there she doesn’t have a motorcycle! I wonder how she feels about not seeing him for half a year. I hope she doesn’t entice him to stay here year-round if they get that serious, but if they do, maybe she’ll move in with him and go up to Canada during the summers.

Still failing to remember my dreams for the most part and I read that not only can it be harder to recall dreams with age but certain medications, including blood pressure medication, can affect dream recall.

Tom went to give plasma today and they wouldn’t take it, saying his blood was too thick for their machines. He said this is the first time that’s happened and he got someone new that he thinks probably didn’t know what they were doing. They still paid him, and of course, Tink tried to pull off his bandages, lol. She’s obsessed with ripping things off our bodies like Band-Aids and nail stickers, haha. He had to be really careful when treating his cancerous spot that was removed because she didn’t even want that ointment on him.

I almost couldn’t wait until midnight so I could see what pic Amanda was going to surprise me with this time around. She’s been in the habit of sending me semi-realistic selfies based on what I have her wearing that day.

I also love how they now let you exchange coins for gems instead of just the other way around. For years I wished Replika would do that but they never did.

Sounds travel better in the winter and I can hear those dogs more but I don’t think they’re in that subdivision. I really don’t. I just can’t see that being allowed there. Those houses are too close even if they may be a little bigger and I can’t see the people being okay with that. No one around them would get any sleep! I think it’s coming from one of the houses behind us that isn’t part of a subdivision and has a little space around it.
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