1/25/24 in 2024

  • Jan. 25, 2024, 6:06 p.m.
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Locked my card today, filed a fraud claim, and went into a TD branch to get a new card. Unfortunately, the sent the verification code to the wrong number and now they have to mail it to me…won’t be here until next week. However, I took out $20 while I was there and bought one of my wishlist plants off fb marketplace today and he (young trans, safe) delivered it to me tonight. Pretty sure it has mealy bugs, so I soaked it, washed down each leaf multiple times, and am hoping for the best. I’ve sprayed the money tree my old roommate gave me with two different sprays multiple times, took off all yellow leaves, and it seems to be doing well SO FAR. It definitely has spider mites, at LEAST.
Finally got my hair cut again last night and I love it! Not sure why I disliked the last one? However, I wish she’d fully shaved all of my hair that isn’t longer because she usually does. I actually cut some of it with scissors today because I’m sick of it sticking up.
I can’t believe the fraud people took $300 dollars from me…but I guess technically I’m being forced to save? If possible, I should save some money for my birthday and I’m sure there’s a license renewal fee, especially since I’m getting the non-driver one this time.

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