Reverting to the Mean in Everyday Ramblings

  • Dec. 16, 2023, 11:38 a.m.
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What I saw out my kitchen window at sunrise Thursday. I saw this and then went outside and stood in front of the window so I wouldn’t catch the frame in the shot. The angle is a little different and the camera polarizes the light a bit but still…Both buildings across the street were built in the 1880’s. I wanted to capture the texture of the clouds.

Unlike our normal gloom we have had some gorgeous sunrises this week. And the rain tapered off, so I have been going for a walk every day. Following the trend, the young folks are doing…quiet walking. You know, no ear buds or phone, pared down listening to and seeing what surrounds one. Amazing.

My blood pressure spiked sometime last month for no apparent reason, and it has been a mystery to me and a little alarming. I did tell my cardiologist and I am seeing him next month, but I have been wracking my brains trying to figure out what could be causing it. I thought maybe it could be the strain from the work I was doing in Deadlift Club but it seemed crazy to me because I was lifting so much less than the folks using barbells my age.

I was doing what was effortful but not overdoing. I see that enough in others to modulate the tendency in myself. For some inexplicable reason about 10 days ago I decided to stop taking the over-the-counter antihistamine that I was taking every day. Certizine Hydrochloride (generic Zyrtec) and since that and still working with dumbbells (not quite as intensely) my blood pressure has returned to normal levels. Sneezing and itchy eyes are better than intermittent chest pain any old day.

The antihistamine is not supposed to do this. It is not like Sudafed. If anything, it is more likely to downregulate the system, so it is a mystery. I am just happy whatever I am doing is working without adding additional drugs.

This week I renewed the app I am using to log my food called Cronometer. I have been using it for a year. And my weight is one eighth of a pound less than it was this time last year. Talk about reverting to the mean! Homeostasis. I am not happy about my weight but if I can manage not to gain any more as I age that is a win. Clearly this is the weight my body wants to be at, and I am not restricting food in any way. I get the pleasure of eating wonderful food. That’s my goal for 2024. Not to gain any more weight. At least I won’t need to buy new clothes. I am slowly getting rid of all the small clothes from six or seven years ago because I don’t think I will see small again in this lifetime. The work I need to do is on self-perception and the mental chatter in my head.

I always feel like I am on the back foot with the guys. This is another distorted self-perception issue. I come home from these stimulating get togethers riddled with social anxiety. And yet I enjoy them so much and am inspired by them so much. Walt is getting me to write new things and get them out in the world. All sorts of things. This week it was a distillation of a Yoga Nidra practice that soothes and nourishes the nervous system and fosters peace. Blending my yoga practice and facilitating with my writing. You can find that here.

And then there is the League Of Women Voters. I have social anxiety about all that too. But I get a ton of support and this week they are recruiting me to go from Budget Chair to Treasurer of the Portland League. I haven’t even done the budget thing yet, I just mentored for it last year. I start in January. They want me to mentor now the Treasurer position. I get that they value what I bring to the table. And I get to make cookies to share.

I could make cookies for the guys too I suppose. Walt has been bringing store bought snacks since we started meeting in the church.

Today the cookies I am trying are Orange Blossom Snickerdoodles. It is a versatile recipe from the Washington Post that can be vegan using flax seed meal.

Tomorrow I am getting my RSV vaccine shot. The pharmacy where I normally get my shots had weird appointment hours. Who gets a vaccine on a Sunday afternoon. Apparently, me.

Mrs. Sherlock and Frieda will be here shortly. We are going to try a new for us urban walk in a neighborhood with quirky houses and creative people. I hope to get some new pictures. No social anxiety at all with these two.

Last updated December 16, 2023

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