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  • Nov. 19, 2023, 9:29 p.m.
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Happy Sunday Evening.

So, the binge watching of The Morning Show got super confusing. I’m not giving any spoilers with this, but I’m wondering how many of you who watched Season 3 thought that they’d mixed up the episodes like I did? I seriously had to rewind and go back through previous seasons to look at the order of the episodes…and then I finally broke down and consulted the Google machine to see that this mixing of times and going back and forth was to keep us, the viewers, guessing.

Worked like a charm on me!

Anyway, still not through the season, but I will watch before December 12th because that’s when my Apple One subscription expires. I’m annoyed that they raised their prices and I’m paying so damn much for all of this streaming media. And I figure if something interesting comes up on Apple TV, like another season of The Morning Show or another season of Severance or if I decide to ever get into Ted Lasso, then I can sign on for another month and binge watch then.

Today I took Martini on one of our usual long weekend walks downtown. It was a normal walk, except it was misty as we started out, and the further and further we got from the car, the harder the rain started coming down.

We were DRENCHED by the time we walked five miles and poor thing was not happy AT ALL.

I think she’s holding a grudge as I’m all snuggled in bed and she decided to sleep in the bed under the dining room table where I’ve been working these past few weeks.

It rained so much that Pickleball was canceled yet again. I think this is the fourth Sunday in a row that this has happened. I’ll never fully learn Pickleball at this rate.

And tonight I went to a book signing with my friend Shelly. It was nice and I’m glad I went, but ohhhhh it is soooo nice to be tucked in bed and out of the rain.

Get ready for this coming week to fly…

ninakir88 November 20, 2023

i was def confused this season but maybe i just didnt pay enough attention

bobbi01 November 20, 2023

Nobody can sulk like a dog that feels they have been put upon :)

Jinn November 20, 2023

I haven’t watched any of that show but I plan to . I started “ Adventures in Chemistry” .

Nash November 21, 2023

I cannot wait for Severance to resume and Ted Lasso really is a lot of fun.

WhatDreamsMayCome November 23, 2023

I love TMS!

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