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Every now and then I start to think about those who have become more selfish especially at the holoidays and how ti’s all about who can keep up with the Jones’s. Why can’t we celebrate life everyday and do for others so they can see the good in people including stranges who have never met? All the children always want the expensive tech toys that they will be using exactly once then get bored because their friend has the better one. And what children don’t even consider is can their parents even afford what thye want and if they do get what they want what will be left out? Food? heat? rent?
When my son was smaller he knew I didn’t have very much money do he always told me the one thing he really wanted and couldn’t live without and I always got it for him because I knew he would use it till it broke or worse out. And if it didn’t break or wear out he would be one of those angles who would give some of his toys to someone who was less fortunate then he was. And he would also go help at a food bank or donate to another chairity and there was even one year where he gave money he had saved up.
And now that my son is an adult he gives me a list and always tells me that if I can’t afford it don’t worry about it. But i always try to get him the thing he wants most and this year he wants Blu Rays so he got those. And I also get him a gadget of some sort that he wants.
But there was a lot of years where I couldn’t afford to het him anything let a lone a holiday dinner. it was a good thing that I kept the chciken wings from the whole chickens I had gotten other wise there would have been no holiday dinner. And that was the last thing in my freezer and a few potatoes and some sort of frozen vegetable and that was dinner.
I had always felt like I was a horrible parent and must have been abusing my son in some way and no matter what I did I felt like shit.
And since I have gotten older I wonder why people have to be getting gifts and why they can’t just celebrate the holiday for what did happen in history? Like with Hanakka there was what they thought to be one days worth of oild and it lasted for 8 days and at Christmas a new son was born and we are suppose to celebrate his life. What happened to those days?
Every year these holidays start I am wondering what happeend when there was the depression and hardly anyone could affor the heat or the rent? And you worried if your children had enough food to eat.
But the thing is we all had what we don’t have today and that is the love of family and being lucky to have one.

Anyways there will be more of these and maybe someday we will be blessed to have the memories we once had and have forgotten.

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