One Hundred Dollars in Me Being Me

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I told hubby as long it’s around the 30’s and below in the winter time here I have said I would be willing to add another $100.00 to my rent if it would get her to have the ehat at a comfortable tempature for me. Hubby was shocked that I said that because he knows I don’t have much money to start with and he also said he doubts she will do it. But I don’t know what else to do. I can’t use my space heater because there is not enough jusice for the plugsocket and it’s more then what is recommended for the plug outlet. And the eelctricity trips the circut box. And to use th eoven is just not energy efficiant and will cause the electricity to go sky high and since we are paying the ididot carbon tax it will just go higher and whatever money we get we won’t get back like she promised. But I have a feeling she won’t be giving anything back and will be saying there is nothing to give back so I don’t trust or believe her.
Because I know she won’t fix things around here her electricty is always gong to be higher and not very efficaint and I don’t think she cares but yet she tried to have all these tricks and things that hydro says to lower your electric bill but the important thngs she won’t do.
Question for you? No matter what your heat is at do you still feel heat comming out ofthe heat vents? Anythiung less then 70 to 72 degrees room tempoature I don’t feel the heat and if there is heat at the lower temoatures I don’t feel it and there is no hot air comming out of the ehat vents. I do know if the furnace is maintained it shouldn’t matter what the room temapture is there should be heat comming out of the heat vents. Every single place I have lived has always had heat comming out of the heat vents except when I turned the temopature down to zero. So I can not understand why it’s so cold here when the temapture is like 62 to 65 when I wake up in the mornings.

Onto something else…

Tonight for dinner we are going to have my famous Prawns and rice, something like this....

Onto something else....

Have you ever noticed that when something doesn’t work right and it’s not a good idea to use it till it’s fixed or replaced you miss not using it and you start to think it’s one of those commodities? Well I am starting to think that of my dryer and not using the inside of my vanity. Everytime I go to look for something and I open the vinity I forget that it’s in the small bathroom closet that looks like a tornado hit it and nothing is in it’s place.
I use to be very organized and knew where everything was but now because so many things don’t work or have rotten smells I can’t use them and I put things in places and forget where they are. And then after a day or so I find what I was looking for but don’t need it. The hard part is remembering where I saw it.
The one thing this place doesn’t have is enough starage space and shelves and the closets are just horrible. My closet is just shelves and there is nothing to hang clothes on a hanger so I have to use hubby’s closet or the spare starage room because it has a closet. I have asked the slum lord if my closet could have something so clothes can hang and she said no. Not sure why but it would be better for my blouses and things and they would look like they were new.
Every place I have lived I have always had enough space for everything I owned and now I don’t because who ever built this house did it really badly and there should have been two furnaces here and not just one and there should be a ciruct breaker box up stairs for the lights there but they are down here for the whole house and that is why I can’t have more then one thing pluged intoi a socket. But then I have four of those multi sockets that can hold 6 plugs and so far they are working well.

Well I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, and Behave.

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theKat November 18, 2023

that might tempt her to do the right thing

Jodie theKat ⋅ November 18, 2023

I have a feeling she will say no just because she wants to continue to abuse me.

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