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Destroying this place once and for all and finding something better to live in and Make the slumlord cry so she doesn’t have a place to live either. But I won’t because I don’t like to clean up the messes especially blood. And moving in winter like weather is not a good idea.
Yesterday hubby did tell me there is a timing issue with the dryer and he thinks the tempature isn’t too bad he said he doesn’t find it too hot like I do. But then he can stand things hotter where I can’t because I guess I am more sensitive to heat and cold. And I saw there is another leak in the laundry room where the other one was a few years ago but this one is in a slightly different place and the work bench is what got wet so the water is comming from the ceiling and I can see the black on the wall is darker so there is a definate issue. But all she will do is put some glue on it and leave the black for me to smell and get sick from. Why is it I am the one who sufferes and have to be the one who gets sick and depressed and not happy? So now what issue will be looked at first now? the water drip or the timing issue and the tempature issue for the dryer? I would like it if both can be looked at the same time and fixed at the same time but she won’t and will make me use broken things. But because I hate her so much and I think the quality of work she does is really horrible hubby has to be here when she is here so he can make sure I don’t kill her or throw sharp objects at her. So next weekend he will talk to her. and ask when these things will be fixed. But then she will just use a seal for the leak and leave the mold so that means the door will have to stay open all day.

Onto something else....
I have decided that I am not going to not use my washer and dryer sparodically like I hve been doing. I have a lot of laundry to do and I am just going to do it no matter how many days it takes to do because I just don’t care anymore and if the dryer should explode or catch on fire I don’t give a fuck anymore. I am not going to do with out anymore. And if she freaks out well then too fucking bad for her. Things should have been fixed when there started to be an issue and then it wouldn’t be like this. And until things are fixed to my satisfaction I am not going to listen to her telling my not to use this or that fuck her. And I will aslo be using my dishawasher when I need to and I don’t care how much hot water it wastes. I might even use the 2.5 hour cycle just because I want to. I refuse to conserve energy or water for her because she does nothing for me and doesn’t even say thank you when I give her my rent.
I would really like to know what my rent gets used for because I know nothing everbgets fixed right and I wonder how much of the bills gets pad with my rent or does she just use it to buy her new toys with or go on hoilidays or fixes her truck, car or camper or boat?
The thing about this slum lord is if I do report her she will evict us and if she goves a good enough reason the rental board will allow it and there will be nothing I can do so I need to be really careful and make sure that whatever law she is breaking she has to be held accountable for and fix it according to the law. So for now there isn’t much I can do because all she has to say is her daughter will be living here even if she doesn’t and she can also say someone else will be living here and the rent will be higher. Both of these are prefectly leagal and there is not much I can do. But the little things I am doing or not doing I figure is the same as reporting her because I figure why should I make everything clean when she doesn’t and nothing gets fixed? Like the grout on the counter is all cracked and there are big chunks missing. I have asked her over the 8 or 9 years I have been here if it can get fixed and she says no everytime. So there are stains on the counter and dirt and greese on the counters and I am not cleaning them because I figure why should I it’s not my home and I am not a renter. And if she wants it cleaned then she can do it or get the renter before me, but then I will be really difficult because she is now dead. I still want to know why she told me I am not a renter here but so far all she has said is she doesn’t want to go there. But I am going to continue to ask till I get a good enough answer from her.

Onto something else....

Dinner tonight will be chicken drumsticks and a fresh vegetable and rice so it should be good.
And for the rest of the day I am going to be doing the laundry and other then that not much else.

I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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