I Have To Live With The Musty Smell. in Me Being Me

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  • Nov. 8, 2023, 2 a.m.
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She came down last night and fixed the lights that got stripped so now everything works and I have my clock back. So I am a bit happier.
And I asked her if the windows in the laundry room can be opened so the musty smell would be a lot less and she told me she would rather not. And when I told her I am still smelling that must she basically told me I am a lier. And because hubby isn’t here all day he doesn’t smell it or he is just use to it. But then he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. But I do think my headaches are a contributing facor for my headaches that are migrains. And I get about anywhere from 4 to 10 a month and I have been having them since I have moved here. because I have never before had these kinds of headaches and I have never woken up with them. So it’s something here that is contributing to them that is here. And I have tried to fix my enviorment but I have been stopped each and every time. I asked her if she would get a dehumidifier and she said no. And I asked her to look behind the walls where the mold was to see if there is anymore. But she won’t do that either. So I have decided that I am going to just leave the door opened in the kaundry room and see hoe that works. I did ask for the windows that are stuck closed to be opened and she told me she would rather not. I think it’s because of how the air circulates but I don’t care. My health is more important then the way the air circulates. So when hubby isn’t here that door will be opened. The good thing is that there is no heat in the laundry room so it won’t affect the warmr Or is it effect the warmth?

Onto something else....

Tonight for dinner hubby said he wanted pork chops done in the airfryer so I need to look for them in the freezer and we will have a fresh vegtable and some rice of some sort.
I also need to do some laundry so maybe that will get done. And for the rest of the day not much will happen.
In the meantime I will stop here…
Hope you have a great day....
Be Kind, Be calm, Be Safe and behave.

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