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  • Nov. 7, 2023, 2 a.m.
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Early last night I was making dinner and the electric socket I need to use can only have one thing pluged in a time so I have all these things sitting on the counter because this is the socket where they get plugged in. Where these sockets are really make no sense to me because there is only one for what is on the counter. So for the time I have been here I canonly use one thing ata time and if I plug in two then the circut strips and I am not allowed to turn it back on so I have to wait for the slum lord to take an hour and a half to figure out which one it is. But because she is an idiot and won’t listen to me it could take all of 5 minutes but she says that is wrong. What Hydro told me was to turn all the lights off and wait 5 minutes then turn them all back on and the thing won’t be stripped anymore. So because I don’t talk to the slum lord anymore hubby will have to tell her to come and fix it after work and when I want to start dinner which will mean I won’t be eating and hubby’s dinner will be like an hour late. Then I have to listen to her to go through the steps of what needs to be done and the two places where there is circut breakers she will be looking at more then once. This will be after I tell her which one it is. But because she never believes me and because none of the circuts are labled she really doesn’t know which one is for what.
And I have figured out where the mold and musty smell is comming from and there is nothing more I can do because it’s behind the walls and she won’t fix that because it costs too much and this house is too old.
So I have to wait all day and part of the night before I can even use that plug to do anything. I hate how I can’t fix simple things and I always have to depend on her and then wonder why she really doesn’t fix anything right the first time.
I didn’t sleep very well last night because the clock in my room also doesn’t work because that same breaker was stripped so I kept waking up and had to use my TV for the time because there was a few times where I thought I should get up so I can start my day. But I think 2:00 am is a bit too early. So I ended getting up for good at about 4 am. it’s a good thing that at least I have a phone so I won’t be totally stuck if I need to call someone.

Onto something else…

I need to get some laundry done. I am so scared to be doing laundry especially drying the clothes because of the time and tempature issues that still need to be fixed so I only do laundry when alomost everything needs to be done. I figure the less I use the machines the loinger they will last but I am still waiting for one or both to stop and explode. I really hate wondering what will stop working next and I am also worried that I will be threatened with eviction. So it’s like I ama lways walking on egg shells wonder what can happen next.
I told someone that I haven’t wanted to go anywhere since I moved here because I am always so angry and there is nothing I can do because I have no rights here and I am treated like I am a nothing. I still need to find out why the slum lord told me that I am not a renter hereeven though I pay rent every month. It will be interesting as to what is said. I bet she forgot she said that and will tell me she never said it. but she did and that is when my depression got worse because I keep looking around and nothing is fixed or works right. And the smells here is just horrible because the musty smell is behind the walls and I am pretty sure it’s behind most of the walls and under the wood floor. I was told that the best thing for me is to have bare feet but I can’t do that here because of the mold so I am always wearing something on my feet. Weather if it’s just socks and shoes or just socks or just slippers. And I feel more comfortable in bare feet. Slippers make my feet feel sweaty and I don’t like that and air can’t get to them.

Onto something else…

I just want to live in a place that I can call home and be happy that everything is working right and not have to wait years for it to be fixed and not to be lied to. I wish I had the money to just fix everything then I would know it was done right and won’t take years. But I just have to be here but when I leave this place is going to be such a mess that it will have to be condemed and the only money she will have is the damage deposit that I didn’t pay.

Anyways I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

Last updated November 07, 2023

theKat November 07, 2023

your apartment is such a fire hazard! I bet if you had your fire department check it out they would write her up and require her to fix the electrical issues! I am afraid one night your apartment will burst into flames

Jodie theKat ⋅ November 07, 2023

I am worried about that also and the other things that can blow up. But all I can hope for is she goes on her trip for three months then get the city to come and look.

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