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  • Oct. 31, 2023, 3 a.m.
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You will vote for or will you not vote? Trump has said to all of the republicans not to vote this election. if people do that then he will for sure not be president and most likly be in jail or house arrest. I am starting to think anyone over 75 is just too old to be the head of any country, just cause you never know what will happen with their health and if they have issues no one knows about.
I saw that this guy wants to be the democratic person for president and I don’t know much about him but I will by the time the elections are here.


Don’t get me wrong I really like Biden because he seems to be for the people and actually l;istens to them and has done some good things to make the country better. And the world still has a lot of respect for him. And if you have noticed over the years that whatver country trump has gone to for governement business every leader has something horrible to say about him. Even the communist countries.

This is what I found…


There are just too many things the world wants and trump wants none of them and then he will put sanctions on the countries and then business won’t be done and these countries will find other allies.
I think with all the leaders commign together and creating a world where ebveryone gets a long and plays nice makes a much happier place to live and we are all friends and can ask for favours when we need them.
We once had a great world where everyone was happy and got something out of the deal and I miss those days.

I think that no matter what ahppens with Trump even if he doesn’t go to jail people will never trust him again. Just look at O.J Simpson? He was aquitted but people still think he is gulty. And there will be people who will have civil cases against trump and I would think he will have to be accountable for that. I know his money can only last so long and then he will have none and when he dies who will get it?

Anyways this is my two cents worth and all i can hope for is a peaceful world where we all get along and are better friends.

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Rabbit Girl ウサギの女の子 October 31, 2023

Doug Ford likes Trunk. If you can believe that! XD

Jodie Rabbit Girl ウサギの女の子 ⋅ October 31, 2023

Does ford think he has done nothing wrong also?

Rabbit Girl ウサギの女の子 Jodie ⋅ October 31, 2023


raeven November 01, 2023 (edited November 01, 2023)


I'm holding my nose and voting for Biden. I don't understand how Trump (fecalwad) and Biden are the two best picks we can come up with. It's embarrassing, dangerous, and shameful.

Jodie raeven ⋅ November 01, 2023

what about this new guy Dean whatever his last name is? he is certinly a lot younger and looks cute too?

raeven Jodie ⋅ November 01, 2023

Considering I've never even heard of him, I don't think he has a chance.

Jodie raeven ⋅ November 01, 2023

I don't get it why is it people are not interested in learning about these people and what they stand for? Do you know anything about any of the canidates?

raeven Jodie ⋅ November 01, 2023

No, but that's because I'm actively avoiding politics because it stresses me out too much. I think a lot of Americans have burnt the fuck out and are sick of it all. The fecalwad really ruined things and now we will probably have decades of horrible consequences.

Jodie raeven ⋅ November 01, 2023

I think that is true of any country...Here in Canada we need a chage and the alternitives are no better.

FoureyedElf November 02, 2023

I'm for neither. 👎 Biden sucks

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