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Right now it’s 4 minutes to 6:00 am and I feel cold even with my heating pad on. The most coldest part about me is my hands and feet. And I am wearing slippers so go figure that one.
Hubby says I need to find the hot water bottle we have somewhere and I need to use that for the parts of me that are cold. The thing about me is I don’t like a lot of clothes or things agains my boidy because I get too hot. So this is why it’s important for me to have a even tempature all day and all night where I am comfortable. But hubby won’t say anything to her about the tempture because he knows she will do nothing about it. But I will nag her and tell her that I am not feeling well because of the lack of heat and I can’t do much till I start to feel comfortable. Yesterday the ehat in here was at 69 all day and I felt cold. And no matter how much coffee I had I was still cold.
Well as long as she won’t let em be comfortable whatever she asks of me I just won’t do or I will wait month to do it just like she does with me. But she told me not to wash my son’s laundry when he brings it here but I am going to be doing anyways because it makes me feel like I am doing something a mother does for her child. Yes he does do most of his laundry but he does run out of money and he has ti wait t do it so he brings it to me. And if she ask who’s laundry that is I will just lie and tell her it’s hubbys and she will accept that because my son and hubby are wearing about the same size fr some of their clothes and when they are in a pile you really can’t tell who’s is who’s. So I have that and plus if I need to use more electricity to feel warm then I will. The sad thing is I can’t use my space heater because the ampage is more then what the plugs can hold because there is is like 6 things on it 3 are from down here and three are upstairs and it just trips the circut box and I am not allowed to touch it to turn the light on. I just hope the box won’t explode at some point and catch fire.
There was a point where I thought I would help and lower the cost of the electricity on my end and I did all summer except for the fan. But I didn’t use my oven and I only used two pots on top of the stove so I did something. I just wish I knew how much money the carbon tax is costing now here because I think I should see what it’s at seeings I am paying part of it. And I think she needs to be more transparent of where what I pay in rent what gets paid or not paid. I have a feeling that she just uses my rent for her persoanl needs and that is why she complains I don’t pay enough rent. I have always said to her that if she wants more money to pay these bills then raise the rent and let me sign a rental agreement and then I can have my heat and be happy and have the things that needs fixing fixed.
I can see it’s going to be a really long winter and I bet that something will make me sick. I just better noit end up in the hospital because if I do i will take the bitch to court and report her to the governemnt.

Okay on to something else....

Today I get to go to the dentist and get that root canal and then next year get the cavities I have filled. So it will be a busy few months. And after the dentist it will be interesting to see how much the freezing goes down and if I can eat and drink. But last week when I got home from the dentist it was only about an hour or so before the freezing was totally gone.
And today is left over Friday so I don’t have to cook or even eat.

And when I do get back to the place I rent I am going to do some on line shopping and maybe that will make me feel like I have accomplished something. And then there is all the domestic work I do everyday so thatwill get done.

Okay I don’t have much else to say so I will stop here…
Do have a great day....
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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