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  • Oct. 25, 2023, 5:07 p.m.
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I had 3 infected teeth pulled last week two and this week one. I am getting implants put in. so they had to grow bone… they thought of them grafting bone is kinda nasty… makes me nauseous… I like want to brush my teeth but I can’t right now or to use mouth wash with I can’t do for another hour os so!

at first I almost refused to have it done the thought of a dead person bone put in my mouth is GROSS! cadavers are used but I prefer to think of it as Ghost bones! My jaw was really sore this morning as slightly swollen… no bruises thank goodness.

My doc told me many times infected teeth can cause diabetes to get worse and that I should see far better numbers.... which excites me because lately they have been great! He thinks it is possible to get off all meds now??? I won’t hold my breath but it is a nice thought

It is amazing to eat something even if it is just pudding and have it not hurt my teeth! They don’t hurt at night and wake me up! OMG I am happy to be ride of those three monsters! 2 one one side one on the other! This is a slow process around 9 months to be totally complete where I can eat normal! … Two of them were cracked into and get infected where it also harmed the other tooth…

On Halloween I can eat my first real food meal (semi soft) I am making chili as usual so I am excited as good as pudding, ice creams, eggs, and cottage cheese type foods are… I am sick of them!

So now I am going to name the ghost bones that now live in my jaw… and when I burp and hiccup I can say of the is Ralf hahahahah

I bought the cutest cross over brow purse today! just a cheapie only 65 dollars but I really love it.

J.E. October 25, 2023

Teeth painting n is the worst.

theKat J.E. ⋅ October 25, 2023

glad it is all over. I get put to sleep so I feel and know nothing

Jodie October 25, 2023

Yeah I am going to be getting a root canal so I will be thinking of you....

theKat October 25, 2023

ouch! I am happy the pain part of mine is oven

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