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People you really don’t care about and have zero contact with you why do they continue to cause trouble and get others to be on their side? But the thing is that if they are on line at the same places as you are they try to get you blocked or banned by the adminitrators and the general population of the site. And the reason they do this is because you have said something that is fact and true and you also go the information from them and their family memebers. So how can it be a lie or rude when it’s a fact? But the sad thing is they have told everyone who would listen and then expects to be treated differently and felt sorry for. Why do people do this? If they don’t want to be your friend then why not just leave them alone?
The one thing I have never done was go crying to an authority to have someone removed for what I thought was rude or mean. It’s just not worth the hassle then you have another person involved which usually does nothing and then people are wondering what will happen and if the authority will just delete both people. If I were the authority I would be asking the person who is being accused what happened so I would get their side and then make my decison of what to do if anything.
And if you don’t tell people your whole life story then thay basically don’t know that much about you.
The people I have met here except for one are decent people and have intereting lives and I like that. And I just hope they find me interesting. I know when something bothers me I have a tendancy to keep writing about it but not only am I looking for solutions from others but I am also trying to find a way to deal with it myself. And writing it down gives me a record of where I was and how far I have come. And just because I don’t write about it after a while doesn’t mean I have finally solved the situation.
I have written about people and things that are not here anymore because I have accepted the situation and doing my best to change so there can be some sort of relationship. But most of the relationship is with me and how I feel. Then there are the people who just give up on you and that is just wrong. All that history that has been created is now gone and you have to start all over again with someone else. I think if you have been friends with someone for a lot of years that no matter what happens can be worked out and come to an understanding. But people just give up too easily and that to me is a cop out.
I think a good example is haveing children and if obe becomes eveil and murders animals and then goes to murdering people you don’t just give up on them you love them that much more. So why can’t friends be like this? Or are children different?

I am still worried about being banned from here and not being able to defend myself is worrisome for me. But most people just take one side and then react and that is wrong. I figure if a person is accused of a crime then they have a right to a fair trial and their peers decide what the punishment will be if any. But the accused still can defend themselves or at least try.

Onto something else…

Today I should do some domestic work and get some laundry done and figure out what will be for dinner. Maybe chicken?

I need to stop here…
Do have a great day....
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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