The Mexican Wall in Me Being Me

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I am guessing that it’s because I am caandain and I just don’t understand why there has to be a wall to keep people out? I always thought the USA and America was one of thos countries that welcomed the world? Why stop people wanting a better life for themselves and their children? And why can’t they be force to go threw the prosess of immigration and having to folow the rules to be an immigrant? The rules could be much the same as caandas where they are not allowed to work or vote and to be able to do this?

What are the rules for immigration to Canada?
Be under 30 years old. Hold at least two Bachelor’s degrees or a Master’s degree. Be able to demonstrate moderate to high English and/or French language proficiency (Canadian Language Benchmark [CLB] level nine or higher) Have at least three years of skilled work experience.

And it seems pretty easy to come and live in Canada

What are the 3 types of immigrants in Canada?
Canada welcomes immigrants under three classes: the economic class, family class, and refugee and humanitarian class. Skilled workers are welcomed under the economic class to support Canada’s high living standards.

I can see that this so called wall is going to end up being really expensive because it will have to be maintained because if it isn’t then people will just walk over it like they are doing now. What good is the wall ngoing to be if people are just going to damage it? From past history it has looked like that wall has never been maintained or rebuilt. And there also needs to be boarder people sitting their and asking questions like they do with the borders between Canada and the USA.
Why is it I can work and live in the USA and the Mexicans can’t? And if you don’t want them comming then make the rules tougher and when they break the law and the rules then deport them like we do in Canada. And can’t people live in the USA for 6 months? Why can’t they do that? I think the Canada USA boarder is much better controlled because not a lot of drugs go through and the ones that do get through do get stopped at some point. And these people do get convited and deported.
Here is a question for you? Why is it you hate the Mexicans so much? They let you into their country so why not let them into yours. They could become a great assest and make a lot of money for the economy and even pay their fair share of taxes.
I am not sure that a wall will do much good because look at how well it works now.
There has to be a better way to deal with the Mexicans because what is being done just does not work. But then what do I know I am just a Candian.

Onto something else…

I did my grocery shopping yesterday and I got everything I wasnted and plus some so we have enough for about two weeks. Hubby thinks it will last for three weeks but we will see. And hubby brught home a costco pumkin pie from his work. They do this every year which is really nice of them. And my son is comming tomorrow which will be nice. And I got this ham that is wrapped in this colored foil type of wrapping . I have never had this one before and I talked to someone who was getting the same thing and I asked her how salty it is and she said it’s not too bad just don’t put the bsauce it comes with on. So it will be interesting. And I will be putting it in the air fryer so it should be really good. And I will be making a salad and some sort of boxed stuffing or potatoes (scallopped potatoes) and maybe a frozen vegetable or carrots.

Onto something else…

She left for her small holiday and I have no idea when she will be back. So now it’s nice and quiet and I don’t hear her walking like an elephant across the floor. And that stupid dog won’t be barking when it sees someone. And I am not going to be taking her mail becasue she didn’t say anything about it so I just am hoping it doesn’t get stolen. The old me would have taken it and kept it for her but I have decided why should I? She didn’t even tell me she was going. I think stuff like that is important just incase something happens and then I can contact her and ask the stupid question of what should I do? I kbow if I did something on my own like call the fire department without her permission I know I will get evicted or if there was a flood and I had to call a plummer that would be cause for eviction too.
Although she did tell hubby that she won’t evict me but I don’t believe her or trust her and the one question I did ask hubby was why did she threaten me with that for all these years if she isn’t going to evict me? It’s horrible how I don’t trust her and wonder if she will actually do what she has said she is going to do? But for the next two months or so she won’t be able to do anything because she is having her cataracts repalced and she isn’t suppose to lift more then ten pounds.

Onto something else....

Well, it’s tat time where I stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, and Behave.

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Beret October 06, 2023

I suggest as a Canadian you stay out of US immigration issues and policies. It's a very complicated situation and you seem to be implying it is just Mexicans crossing the border. That could not be further from the truth. Please educate yourself if you want to comment on the situation.

Jodie Beret ⋅ October 06, 2023

Then why is it some Americans hate the Mexicans but yet they don't do much to stop them?
And who else just walks across the border with their families to become illeagal immegrants? Every other border. What else am I to think because this wanna be wall if the only talk that the republicans talk about yet they do nothing to stop the people or the drugs. And maybe you could educated me where I am wrong?

Beret Jodie ⋅ October 06, 2023

I don't have time nor the inclination to educate you. You can find plenty to read. You seriously need to be better educated before making any opinions/statements on things that go on in the US when you are not a citizen, do not vote or pay taxes. If you want a starting point please educate yourself on who is actually crossing the border. It's not just Mexicans.

FragileGlass October 07, 2023

It isn’t a matter of hating anyone.
They cross illegally and resources are running out.
It really isn’t that difficult to understand.

Jodie FragileGlass ⋅ October 08, 2023

well then they need to get more resourses maybe the governemnt can take a cut in their pay?

FragileGlass Jodie ⋅ October 08, 2023

Why are you so concerned anyway?

Jodie FragileGlass ⋅ October 08, 2023

Because everyone just complains about it and does nothing to fix it. And building a wall doesn't help much unless it's built like they had in in Germany did. But it has to be solid so it won't be easy to break.

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