Strange light in The 2020s

  • Feb. 7, 2024, 2:25 a.m.
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I took hydroxyzine before bed and slept long and well. I needed that! I did wake up a few times, once to pee, but was able to fall back asleep quickly when I got back into bed. There was even a point where I woke up and realized I was on my back but not snoring.

I’m going to enjoy the energy this is going to bring me because I know it will be days before I sleep this well again. I’m also going to get as much done as I can today. I want to finish the cleaning.

That was really weird. This is the second time I’ve noticed it too while lying in bed in the dark with the bathroom door open. Through the bathroom window, I saw a light flick on and then off. There’s no way it would be Toni or Ray because had either of them gone in their bathrooms the light wouldn’t shine brightly enough to be noticeable. Nor would it be from houses in the back or a plane. Besides, I would have heard a plane flying.

This makes me think someone was walking in back with a flashlight they momentarily turned on. Pretty sure Toni and Ray don’t have motion sensor lights on the back corners of their place so what else could it be? I wonder if it may have been people looking for stuff to steal like bikes or something like that.
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