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The reason I get so mad and scream at my slumlord is because I have been asking her to fix the samethings for about nine years and she still hasn’t fixed them and I just can’t understand why. Not once has she given me an answer that makes sense especially when she knows it’s a health hazzard and against the law. So am I not allowed to react? Am I suppose to just bow to her every command and pretend she is right and I am wrong even though I have the facts and the law says different? How many years have you asked someone to fix something that you think is important and a health hazzard for? I only complain about things like this because I know they are affecting my health and I have a right to live in an enviorment that is healthy and everything works like it should.
The one thing I do know for a fact is that the reason I do get so mad and scream at her is because it’s the same things I am asking to be fixed. And for the most part when I tell her I am paying rent to live here she just laughs at me because it’s no where near what she needs to be charging. Why she hasn’t raised the rent every year I have been here I have no idea but I can take a wild guess and that is because she will go into the next tax bracket and she doesn’t want to do that. So every year everything goes up and she is always commung up short to pay it. And then she laughs at me becasue it’s never enough to fix things here and everything that needs to be fixed will cost the maximum becasue it’s getting worse and worse.
My slumlord reminds me of Trump because it seems that she can do whatever she wants and she can threaten me and she doesn’t follow the laws of owning a rental property. But the thing is she maintains and fixes things in her living space but not down here. And I do have a good case when I do report her and the next time she is going away for any length of time I will be calling the city and they will come and do a report and force her to fix things and if she doesn’t then she will have to pay and if that doesn’t work she won’t have a home. But neither will I but it’s easier for me to find a place then it is for her because she has a dog and there are a lot of places that don’t allow pets of any kind and if they do you have to pay for them to live there.
I am always wondering why she can tell me no and that is suppose to be okay and I have to accept it? And when I ask for something she just laughs at me and tells me I am not paying enough money? But then when I say I will pay for it to be fixed she says no and no one is comming into “her” house to fix anything. Then I started t think that if there was a flood or a fire what am I suppose to do? I have been told that if and when the lights go off because the circut breaker has tripped I am not allowed to turn the lights back on. And g-d for bid should I phone hydro and ask them if it’s their fault and what I should do? They told me to do the 5 minute test where I was suppose to turn all theblights off from the circut breaker and wait 5 minutes then turn the lights back on and that wuls fix the lights but she told me if I ever do that again I will be evicted. And if I light my candles I will be eveicted because she is terrified of fire. But then I am terrified of her gas stove and oven and the gas furnace. And she said I can’t help my son out by doing his laundry when he runs out of money. So that is another way for me to feel useless.
She has told me that since I have been here her eloectricty bill has gone sky hi and I asked her why I can’t pay some of it and the gas also? But there is only one furnace and one hot water tank and she doesn’t want me to have acess to her accounts so that is her fault they are so much and also because she won’t buy more energy efficant appliences and more power smart things. If she did then her costs would go way down and then things would be more afforable. And all of these appliences I have are getting to the point where they need to be repllaced because most of them can’t be fixed from the comanies and the parts are no where to be found. It’s the same as having a 1999 car and trying to find parts for it.
I would like to just live here in comfort and be happy and not have to complain. Everyday there is something that needs to be fixed or is getting worse and I am left wondering just how bad it has to get before it does get fixed? I wonder why she fixed the drip under my kitchen sink so fast? I think it’s because water costs $500.00 a year.

I guess I have no rights and she can do whatever she wants no matter what and nothing will happen to her and I will get evicted for no good reason. And for me to fight her would be like a death sentence so what is the point?
So all I can do is find a better place where the landlord actually cares about his tenents and wants them to be happy. I just feel helpless and not worthy of even being here.
And because of all the things I haven’t done here she won’t be giving me back the damage deposit to the first renter that lived here before us. But then that will let me not clean anything and maybe then this place will be condemed and demolished and she will have to move also. I am not going to be cleaning anything when I move and she won’t know where I am going to be living.

Onto something else....

So today is a stat holiday but hubby has to work so that means he will get more money on his next pay day.
I think it’s wonderful how the Canadian government has recognized today.
This is what today is all about.


I am not sure what will be happening today but it won’t be much. And dinner won’t be all that great either.

Well, I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, and Behave.

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raeven September 30, 2023

Is she's so bad, why not move? Are you a masochist?

Jodie raeven ⋅ September 30, 2023

At this point there is no sense in moving because we are not old enough for discount housing. She is just cheap and think not spending money she will have more when she dies. Maybe she will be taking it with her to her grave.

raeven Jodie ⋅ September 30, 2023

Rat poison?

Jodie raeven ⋅ September 30, 2023

I have been watching all these murder shows like Very Scary people and ID and Forensic Files and I am almost to the point where I can do the perfect murder....

theKat September 30, 2023

you could not pay me enough to put up with her. your husband is employee you should not have to wait. I think you should have reported her nine years ago

Jodie theKat ⋅ September 30, 2023

I know and I wanted to but he keeps saying no and he will deal with her but he is taking so long and it's fruturating me.

theKat Jodie ⋅ September 30, 2023

I hate to be rude but he sounds like he is afraid to stand up for himself

Jodie theKat ⋅ September 30, 2023

I think what it really is is that he has had much worse thn here and he did try in the other places. he told me he had an electric blanket a coat and a space heater in two places in the room and it was till freezing and he could still see his breath. it's just that these slum lords know hw to get awat with things and collect as much mney as possible and if the teneants do stand up for themselves they get evicted. But He says that he has a plan and it's going to t ake some time. I just need to trust him more.

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