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I wonder of all the things I do compalin about I wonder if I am always wrong or if there is really any truth in what I am saying? And I only complain when I know something is really wrong. Like the towel rack is now loose and I am waiting for that screw to strip and the rack to fall off of the wall. I could fix it myself but she has told me not to fix or touch anything so I don’t.
And I have figured out why I am always screaming at the slumlord and that is because she trigers my displaced anger and poor hubby gets the brunt of it and then after some time I just scream at her and tell her ever 4 letter word I can think of plus a few other choice words. All she has to do is remeber I have this and not trigger me. And she has to be honest with me and when she doesn’t want to fix something to tell me why. And also tell me that if and when it gets worse I won’t get evicted for no good reason. I am truthful to her so why can’t she be truthful to me? It’s no wonder I want her dead or experiance a horrible accident. But then that is what I wish for her because she never sees the bigger picture or outside the box. When something stops working like it should I find out long before what the worse can happen and some things here I have seen that already. Like the mold in the Vanity. She told me if I use Pinsol and bleach that the mold would be gone. But then she didn’t even think about what is behind the dry wall or that there are places in the vanity that can’t be cleaned like the sides of the bottom shelf. There is still dried mold there and the mold behind the wall stinks. I told her this and she just told me to keep the doors opend. But that only makes the rest of the bathroom and hallway smell even more.
There are a lot of things that people can do that I really don’t care about. But when they tell me they will do something for me I expect them to do it. When I say I will do somthing I will do it right away just so it’s done and I don’t have to think about it again. But then I like people to be happy.
Enough about this, let’s go onto something else…

Let’s see today is Friday so that means hubby will get left overs and I should be in bed watching the idiot box and falling a sleep by 9 pm and waking up at about midnight and then sleeping till about 3 am and then waking up at 5:00 am so hubby can get going to work.
I am almost done all the laundry I just have two small loads to do and then that will be it for a few days till I need to do this again. Laundry never ends and it always piles up.

Onto something else....

Well, I need to start my day so I will stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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theKat September 29, 2023

it is just a waste of energy to complain but not take action to make her fix it. You have rights to make her repair things to keep a safe and healthy place to live I am sure is a law. if you do not go to the proper authorities to make her do it... it is on you and you really have no right to complain. until then I would be looking for a better place to live even if is a town close by... I am sure there are buses that your hubby can take to work or maybe he can buy a cheap car to drive

Jodie theKat ⋅ September 29, 2023

well he doesn't drive and I really don't want to be driving him to work everyday. And if she wasn't so threating I would report her. But I am thinking when and if she goes on her three month winter holiday I will get the city to come and look at everything that needs to be done and then she will have to do what they say.

Anaiss September 29, 2023

If you scream and cuss at your landlady, that changes the picture completely. I think you need professional help. If I had a tenant who did that, I would evict them as soon as possible. Your anger is YOUR responsibility to control, not hers. You can't blame anyone else for your behavior.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ September 29, 2023

Here is a question for you? How many times do you have to ask someone to do something for you or to fix something? So far I have waited nine years for the major stuff and everytime I did ask her like 5 years ago she told me it would get fixed but never told me when. And now it's really bad and a health hazzard and I have gotten sick because of it. And me complaining that the law is being broken is good cause to be upset and that is also abuse and neglet. And evicting someone because they want things up to standard is against the law. I just want to live in a "home" and not a slum home. And I have a right to have things working.

Purple Dawn September 29, 2023

Have you looked at the tenancy page for our province online? You do have options :)
Take care,

Jodie Purple Dawn ⋅ September 29, 2023

I have a folder on my lap top for all the communications I have made to different governemnt angencies so it's all documented.

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