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  • Sept. 25, 2023, 8 a.m.
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I have noticed with me that when I know something needs to be fixed I am always looking to see how much worse it has gotten from day to day. I guess this is my way of making sure that there isn’t a flood or a sink hole or the walls just rot off. But it upsets me that I have to live like this. I have never ever lived in a place where nothing gets fixed. And the leak that was suposidly fixed is even worse then it was before and now I am staring to wonder if a flood is next. And with the bath tub the ring around the faucet is loose and needs to be glued and the faucet needs to be tightened. I can see that will take a while to do because she will be going threw the process and finding that it has noting to do with the first steps.
Is it possible to be living in a place and actually have everything working like it should? Where there is no smells and all the applience work perfectly and that there are no leaks or pipes showing from walls or ceilings? And the dry wall isn’t discolored? And there is no bugs in the ceiling and no rot on the walls?
I can understand how a landlord and tenat don’t get along but that has nothing to do with maintian the rental unit. I mean there are people who work and they hate their boss for whatever reason but they are at least cival to each other and both can do their jobs like they are suppose to. Even if I don’t like people I still treat them like I would want to be treated and respect them enough so I can ask what I need and get it done.
I just want to be able to tell the slum lord that something needs to be fixed and she fixes it to the best of her ability it has nothing to do with anything I have ever done or did. All these things that need to be fixed are allk part of the normal wear and tare and it’s not my fault. And the longer it doesn’t get fixed the worse it becomes. And then she wonders why it costs so much to fix? I use to tell her the second I saw there was something wrong with it and now hubby tells her and often that is a month later because that is when he pays the rent. And the rest of the days he gets home too late and it’s just rude to be complaining that something needs to be fixed. And for me anytime after 5:00 pm I don’t bother the slumlord. I think that shows respect and that I am aware of her night life such as it it. But then I am like that. But if there was any emergency I wouldn’t be telling her anyways I would be calling the fire department or a plumber because there is nothing she can do to fix it. And also it would waste a lot of time.

Onto something else....

Today I am going to attempt to do laundry and hope the dryer doesn’t over heat and the washer doesn’t leak and hubby is going to watch the timeing of the dryer cycle because the perment press cycle for the dryer should be a max of 40 minutes from start to finsih and it take more then two hours. And the tempature is 4 degrees higher then it should be. I know that isn’t a big deal but the times cycle gets to more then 150 degrees and the clothes are really hot when they come out of the dryer. I would much rather use the times cycle then I know how long it takes 45 minutes total and then I can get all the laundry done in a few hours. The way I am doing laundry now is if I can get three loads done then that is a lot. The old me use to get the laundry done in a matter of a few hours so this is why I am really not comfortable of doing laundry. In fact I am really nrevous no matter what I do in this place because I know that something will have an issue and then I have to wait especially if it’s an emergency.
Well, anyways nothing is going to change and she will become more cheap then she was yesterday and that is really too bad.

Onto something else…

Other then laundry and general cleaning I am hoping the sink will get foxed and the bathtub but I won’t be holding my breath becasue I will turn blue then green abd thise are not good colors to have.

I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be calm, Be Safe, Behave.

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theKat September 25, 2023

I feel you obsess over things

Jodie theKat ⋅ September 25, 2023

well I might be but it's also has to do with my well being and saftey.

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