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I have zero rights here where I am living and after the slumlord said that I am not renting here I am wondering if I am not good enough to pay rent then why am I? Maybe she needs to get the rent from my brother in law? I mean he is the one living here and not me right? I am also wondering that since I am not living here do I have the same rights as a renter who does live here? I have asked the rental people what my rights are if I have any and I am hoping they will answer me soon.
The thing I don’t get is if she knows I have behaviour issues then why doesn’t she look at the bigger picture and not do what triggers my behaviour? I am only reating to her and what she says. And when I ask why and she doesn’t give me a good enough anser then I react. How stupis is she really? I mean she should know about mental illness since she is a retired LPN nurse. And she should be trying to get along with me and realize that what I am saying is important to me. I often wonder what will happen to her when she starts to forget and not pay her bills? Will I get blamed for that and end up in jail?
This is an example of how she treats me. She asked hubby if it would be okay to come and fix the sink at 8:30 pm as he was just comming home from work. And he said okay, whch is okay with me. But then when she came dowsn I was about to start dinner and she didn’t even ask me if she could fix the sink. She just went to do it and I said to hubby what about dinner and he said it will be later. And what this idiot said to me is go ahaead and do it and I said how can I when you are in the way and I need that space? She said nothing. See I would have asked if it’s okay that she fixes it now and I would have said no. But see there is no consideration for me or what I am in the middle of doing. And I was also going to empty the disheasher which I couldn’t do either. So basically she doesn’t care what I am doing and has no manners. I figure she is just like Trump who is above the law and can do what they both want and others don’t matter. But my question is why do I need to follow her rules and not do what she says she doesn’t want me doing and I have mostly not done it. But then I have realized that the things she tells me not to do make me happy and then I can maybe keep this place a lot cleaner. Actually the day she was comming down to fix the lights because one of them tripped the breaker I had called hydro and they told me to do the 5 minute test which is you turn off all the lights and leave them off for 5 minutes then you put them on and that should fix the lights. So I went to do that and she phones me and I told her what hydro said and she told me to never ever touch the breakers and hydro has no right to tell me what to do because this is her house. So she came down and wasted an hour playing with the circut breaker and finally the lights went on. I mean she has no idea what to do when something needs to be fixed. She goes threw all these things and wonders why she has to replace things. Like when she foxed the clogged sink in my kitchen. Instead of taking the pipe off and looking to see how cloged it was she just dumped draino powder down and it really clogged the pipe and she had to get a new one. And then she tells me if I clog the pipe again I will be evicted. I think if I clog the pipes I should have to replace the pipes and that is it. And when she fixed the sink and took the pipe that is the first one that can be taken out I saw that there was some guck on it and wanted to clean it but she said no so now it’s only going to get worse and I will get blamed for that also and then evicted. But all these things that go int the pipe is all okay. It’s not like I am dumping bacon fat down the drain because I am not. But I do notice that I do try to soak up the grease with paper towel but there is still grease when I soak the frying pans in water so it’s easier to wash. So I am not sure hw much crap will be going down the sink.

I can’t ubderstand why she is so adamant that I follow her rules when she doesn’t respect me or what I want. I don’t want much, I just want to have a home that works and I don’t have to wonder what will break or stop working.
And I have noticed that the sink is leaking again. Hubby said it might be water residue but I still want the pipe looked at just to be sure that it’s not anything worse.
And when the bath tub water spout thing gets looked at I am going to open the cupboards to the vanity and she can smell the mold amd must while she works in the bathroom. Then maybe she will get sick like I have and maybe she will get a bleeding nose or something.
I guess I am jut waiting for her to die and slow and painfull death so I can say I told you so bitch…you should have been nicer to me.

Anyways onto something else…

Dinner tonight will be my famous chili so that will be a gas filled event.

I need to stop here…

Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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Anaiss September 23, 2023

If your husband told her it was okay to come at 8:30, why would you start dinner at that time? Also, it just seems like if you know you have behavior issues, you should be able to control them. I know I don't know much about that kind of thing so maybe I'm wrong but that's just how it seems from the outside looking in.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ September 23, 2023

well hubby works from noon to 8:00 pm so by the time he gets home dinner is usually at 9:15 so I start when he walks in the door. And she could see what I was trying to do and she didn't care because she does what she wants when she wants. And I do try to control my behaviour but I can only have soemone say no for so long. But the thing is when I ask why there never is an answer that seems good enough. her telling me because it's my house is not an answer that is good enough.

Anaiss Jodie ⋅ September 23, 2023

But I still don't understand why you would start dinner when you knew that she was going to come at 8:30. It sounds like that was you getting in her way, not the other way around.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ September 23, 2023

That was the second time she came and when she left she told me that she was comming back the next day and I remeber asking her at what time and she said when she had the parts. I didn't know she was going to get them that night. And I guess when hubby came home she had come back and asked him if it was okay. But when she came down she didn't even ask if I was going to do dinner. Oh and you have to remeber she can do whatever she wants and come down here whenever she wants because it's her house and I have no rights.

Anaiss Jodie ⋅ September 23, 2023

I know you always have an answer for everything but I stand by what I said. Your husband TOLD her it was OKAY to come. So she didn't NEED to ask you if you were going to do dinner. She had permission to be there to do the work at that time. It doesn't matter if there are other times when she comes down whenever she wants. This time, she asked, and she was told it was okay. It's your husband's fault if he didn't tell you she was coming.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ September 23, 2023

But then because I live here and pay rent shouodn't I be included and asked if it's okay? And she could see what I was doing so maybe she should have let me finished and then started?
If it were me I would have asked and then went to do the work but if I see someine doing something I would ask if I can come back another day.

Beret Jodie ⋅ September 24, 2023

I seem to recall you writing here that you were going to let your husband deal with her. If so, that is why you were not included. Can't have it both ways.

Jodie Beret ⋅ September 24, 2023

well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that I am in the middle of doing something. The least she can do is wait till I have finished what I am doing and also appologize for the inconvience. Those are things I would do and say. And hubby needs to ask me if it's okay for her to come down here just incase I am doing something and I can finish and also ask me if more money can be given to her, like for the carbon tax.

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