Nine Headaches So Far This Month in Me Being Me

Revised: 09/21/2023 3:32 p.m.

  • Sept. 21, 2023, 9 a.m.
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There must be something here that is making me have these headaches when I wake up. They are so bad that I have had t take my pill for them.
But also I found that my bathtub water nozzle is now loose and needs to be tightened so now I can wait for the water to gush out because the thing will just fall off. I wonder what will be the next thing? It seems like everyday I wake up there is something else. I can only imagine what will be next. I swear one of these days something will be a lot worse.
Now that the heat has been put on I have noticed that not much heat is comming out of the heat vents which means that the airways and the ducks need to be cleaned out. But that will never happen.
And I wanted to see if I could get the grass to be actual grass and not all weeds but I found out that if there is no grass I can’t get the lawn serviced because they also use fertilizer and the work would cost more then $600.00 And because there is all weeds there is no other company that will do it because none of them have the licence to use the poisons to kill the weeds.
You know it would be really nice if I couls have some of my friends here and even my parents but with the smell of mold and must and the way everything looks I am too embarrassed to even have my son here. But he is the only who comes and stays. Even hubby’s brother and his girlfriend don’t stay long anymore.
I just want to wake up some day soon and be happy and look around and think how grand this place is and to enjoy every second here but with the smells it’s just horrible and seeing the things that need to be fixed and having them fixed would be my dream.

Onto something else....

I know the eelctricty is going to be going sky high again but then the slumlord is an idiot and it’s all her fault because she won’t keep the heat at something that will be comfortable in the early mornings. So as soon as I wake up I have to use my heating pad to start then use my space heater if I need to. And plus as the tempatures get colder I will be also usuing the oven for my dinners just so the room can feel warmer. Hubby has asked me not to use the oven as a heat sourse and because he told me why and what the consequences can be I am not going to do that anymore.
I wonder how mych her electricity and heat really do cost because she says both are about 2 thousand dollars a month and I don’t believe that for a second. Actually everything she says she has no idea what telling the truth is. Like she told me that using tee tree oil on my toe nails would help but I should only use it every other day or something. And when I looked it up on the internet it said to use it everyday twice a day for 6 months. And I will be asking my doctor what he thinks if it will work because nothing else has so far.
Since the slumlord left after fixing the leak in my kitchen..oops her kitchen sink I have been really depressed because I was telling her that I do pay rent and things need to get fixed and she told me I am not the one renting it’s my brother in law and he has been gone for like 6 years now. So now I have no home and the rent I give isn’t even for me to live here. So I am wondering what rights I do have here if I have any? I have never signed a lease or a rental agrrement with what I am not allowed to do or not do and I am not a real tenant here. I wonder if hubby is considered a tenant? I know my mother in law isn’t any more because she is now dead and dead people can’t pay rent.
So I am now wondering if I even have to follow her rules and do what she says? I have asked the rental board what rights I do have since nothing has been signed so I am hoping they will let me know soon.

Onto something else…

I am thinking dinner will be chicken and a fresh vegetable and some noodles.

I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

Last updated September 21, 2023

theKat September 21, 2023

you can put weed and seed on the lawn and it would help but you have to water grass and yes... you spend quite a bit on on grass keeping it plush and green... it is not something you can do is a steady care... like how high you mow the lawn too

Jodie theKat ⋅ September 21, 2023

well, I can't afford that for any lenght of time and hubby says it's just too much. It would be nice if I could just enjoy the outside and spend time out there with real people.

theKat Jodie ⋅ September 21, 2023

you don't have to have grass out there to enjoy it.... when I lived in the country we had way too much property to keep it plush

Jodie theKat ⋅ September 21, 2023

At least you had grass where I don't.

theKat Jodie ⋅ September 21, 2023

who cares if it is dirt or rocks concrete or grass.... put you a few lawn chairs out there and enjoy!

Jodie theKat ⋅ September 21, 2023

well we do have a table and 3 chairs on the cement part, but it looks like a foresst.

theKat Jodie ⋅ September 21, 2023

that would be nice!

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