My boss is watching me (pics) in 2023 is almost over

  • Sept. 18, 2023, 1:43 p.m.
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12:49 pm

Today was another successful volunteer day. The guy I always work with wasn’t there today. Neither was the other guy that’s always there. It was me and two other ladies. Christina got returned and she didn’t have her little bell collar. Vegas is still there and so Margaret. Vegas was that brown and white tabby and Margaret was the little black and white ham from my last volunteer entry.

Olivia was still there too. She’s this little gray tabby with Bengal markings. She HAS to be part Bengal with those markings. I have to see if I have a photo of her. Or maybe I can get one off of the website? Excuse me while I go look.

I didn’t have ANY! HOW CAN THIS BE?! Well I work when I’m there. I didn’t get a lot of pictures today since we now have to mop the floors everyday. When I’m there, I’m working. I found Oliva via the pet finder app.

This is Oliva. She’s as soft as a chinchilla. Something happened to her that caused one of her eyes to stay small. I want to take her home so much it makes me cry. The guy that fostered her got really attached to her. He did an awesome job. Her eyes were really bad and he did his magic.

alt text

This is what she looks like now.

alt text

It breaks my heart that she’s still there. She’s SUCH a beautiful little cat.

I want to take them all and that’s the hardest part about volunteering!! You see them and want them!

I have two cats already and that’s the limit at my place. It’s so hard on my heart at times. When I walked in to clean up their litter boxes she came up to me and I was surprised she was still there.

Then there’s this little black kitten that has that wobbly condition and he sat in one of the litter boxes. It breaks my heart and I wanted him too.

So let’s continue. As I cleaned up their backroom this little cat that was there last week came up and got in the sink. As the water ran!! She’s not afraid of water. Her name is Dottie. I called her my manager since she had to make sure I was doing it right as I got ready to mop their play room.

alt text

alt text

I turned around to put the mop back and there she was, ON THE SIDE OF THE BUCKET!! I nearly hard a heart attack! So I got her off the bucket.

Only for her to get right back on it. The boss has to inspect my work.

alt text

alt text

I have some videos of her but I don’t know how to share them other than posting them on Instagram.

It was. I just didn’t get a lot of videos or photos because there was a lot to do.

Oh and the fit.

alt text

I’m back down to 166 again. With the stress of work I started to stress eat junk food. Zero sugar Monster mango energy drinks, Slim Jim meat sticks, Snicker bars. Nathan’s hotdogs from work and those cups of popcorn chicken. I shot up to 172, but I guess the stress of this week got me back down to 166 for the third time in my life. Reddit said I’m ugly, still fat, and to get rid of the hair. I’m not getting a fade.

Kristi1971 September 19, 2023

You have the CUTEST manager in the world. EVER! :)

Dirty Numb Angelboy Kristi1971 ⋅ September 20, 2023

She was so sweet. She kept climbing up me to get the jerky in my back pocket.

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