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I usually turn my TV off somewhere around 1:00 am and then go back to sleep. But this time I didn’t so the TV was on all night. This seems to be a thing now, well latly anyways and I don’t know why. You would think it would be a smart thing to turn off the TV but I always seem to think I will miss something but the truth is once I fall asleep I hear nothing and I see nothing so it’s just a waste of time and electricty.
And for some reason I woke up at about 6 am and didn’t get up at five like I ususally do. But for that hour I really didn’t sleep. My philosaphy is once my eyeballs open I get up and start my day no matter the time. The only time I would stay in bed is if I am not feeling well and that is hardly ever.
For the last long while I have been waking up all sweaty and I don’t know why. That should be a conversation to talk with a doctor. Next time I talk to him I will ask.

Onto something else....

My son is comming for dinner today so it will be nice to see him again. It’s been like a month so the visit will be nice. And I have some goodies to give him to take home so he will be happy.
My son has always said that no matter what happeens to him weather it’s good or bad there is always something that could be much worse. And he is right. And I have been thinking about that with the way my slumlord is but I can’t even imagine how much worse she can be but I do know that there are worse slumlords who end up going to jail and having to pay their tenants a lot of money. But then there are others who have it much worse. But that is ony according to them. All you can do is make the best of a bad situation and keep going forward and what you have to do to go forward is most likly a good thing for you and your sanity.I wonder if I actually did clean this place would I be a lot happier or would I just see the things that need to be fixed and just how bad they really are? Maybe I should do that because then it will keep me busy and I could end up being happier. I have a list of what needs to be done and I haven’t really done any of them except for stuff like laundry and sweeping the floor on occassion. I use to take a lot of pride when I was living somewhere and my place was always clean and you could eat off the floor and I always has some sort of air freshener so the place would smell nice. But I don’t anymore because I just don’t see why I should if this place always looks like rotten eggs have been thrown to the walls and floors. And the musty smell is something one could puke if they smelled it. The worst part about living here is that what needs to be fixed is getting worse. The crack in the laundry room cement floor is now 2 inches wide is some parts and the crack is getting longer then 10 feet. I am starting to thik that it’s now a tripping hazzard. The chances of anyone really tripping is not going to happen but you never know. And if it did happen I would be responsible for it because it’s the place I rent. I wonder how much wore things have to get before everything will get fixed? maybe the slumlord has to die first before I can get stuff fixed? I just hope that when this place does get sold that I will beable to still live here and everything will get fixed. and maybe the rent will be a bit higher so there is money to get new appliences that are more energy efficiant. Things that were considered energy efficiant two years ago and no longet are because there are better ones now. I know things cost money but why wouldn’t anyone want to save money and have to pay the minum for these appliences to work? Or as soon as these things are 10 years old?
Even the gas company told me that the gas furnace or any furnace should be serviced every year just so it doesn’t stop working before it’s time is up. But then what do I know? I just hope this furnace doesn’t stop working or explode.

Onto something else…
Dinner tonight is going to be green salad and carotts and mashed potatoes and it should turn out perfect. But there won’t be any left overs because it’s only a 1.9 pound roast.

Well, I need to stop here..
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, and Behave.

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