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  • Sept. 5, 2023, 2 a.m.
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So pissed off at your landlord or slumlord that you paid your rent in Nickles or Dimes or een pennies? I would think that would be really funny and they would have to take it because it is leagal tender. I should count my nickles and see how much I have and give it to her as part payment for my rent. And then she would have to roll the nickles so she can take them to the bank because they won’t take them otherwise. I can actually imagine her taking all of this to the bank in a plastic bag that will break before she gets to the door of the bank and that would be really funny and she would have to pick them all up. You think I should pay my rent in coins?

Onto something else....

I told hubby that I am really nurvous using the water here because of the leaks that have happeend and haven’t been fixed and the tempature issue with the dryer because I am thinking that these things could produce a flood and I will get blamed for it and then evicted. So I haven’t been using the water everday like I should because of that and that is why my laundry and dishes have piled up. So when I do the dishes there is always something that has run out like cutlery of plates or frying pans and our socks and underwear have run out also so that is when I will get these things done. But hubby told me to tell the slumlord that it’s all his fault and he will take the blame. But I am thinking he shouldn’t have to because she should have fixed it at the very start when I told her about it.
I hate living like this where there is no communication at all and everything has to go through a third party. This kind of reminds me of that telephone game kids use to paly where they would say something to the kid next to them and by the time it got around to the last person it wasn’t what was said. And when something does need fixing I think as soon as it happens she should be told. But the way it is now hubby tells her and he usually waits till a day where he doesn’t have to go to work so by that time it could get worse and then she basks why she wasn’t told sooner. And I am thinking you fucking idiot it’s because of how you treat me.
When it comes to some things sometimes you have to get to the point and to say “pretty please fix this” takes too much time and things always get worse and when you talk like that then it seems it’s not a big deal or important. But everything that needs to be fixed here has been not working right since I have been here and evedently it’s not a big deal. That might be the case but it’s important to me and that is what counts. Like the mold might bot smell all the time but every now and then it smells musty and that is not a good thing. And just because the water is not dripping a lot it still drips however slow and it does waste water. How much water is too much especially when you are paying for water? I just can’t understand how slumlords just don’t care and will make their own homes better then the ones they rent out. Is it because I have less money then she does and I will never amount to much? or is it because the things that need to be fixed are all my fault and this is how I am being punished? and abused and bullied?And then there is the threats of being sued becausue I want to move my freezer to the living room and there is a potential that the ice will melt onto the floor. Well then fix the fucking crack on the cement floor in the laundry room where the freezer is. But then I would love to see her try to sue me because with the income I have she wouldn’t be getting a dime from me and a jusge would tell her no.
I am just getting tired of her laziness. Don’t get me wrong I am lazy also but when something isn’t working right and it belongs to me I will do everything in my power to either fix it or repalce it and I can’t undertsand why she won’t do that with the stuff she is responsible for here. I guess I just care more about stuff working so there isn’t any major issues.

Onto something else....
Well today is just going to be the same as the rest of the year where I just do what I can and pray nothing breaks or gets worse.
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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Zombie Kitten September 05, 2023

Ha!! I once paid for a pair of $50 shoes, entirely in pennies. That's all I had, and damnit, that's what I gave them. My rent is regulated by my landlord... who thankfully is a saint. :)

Jodie Zombie Kitten ⋅ September 05, 2023

I told hubby I wanted to do that and he just laughed and then said no.

Zombie Kitten Jodie ⋅ September 05, 2023

LOL!! Crazy times my dear, crazy arse times!!

Jodie Zombie Kitten ⋅ September 05, 2023

I wonder if she would beable to get all the coins in her wallet or pockets? and then whatch her trip and all the coins fall out..Now that would be funny...

Zombie Kitten Jodie ⋅ September 06, 2023

I had a fanny pack. :P

Jodie Zombie Kitten ⋅ September 06, 2023

even those are pretty small...

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