Night Sweats in Me Being Me

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The last time I talked to my doctor he asked me if I have been waking up hot and sweaty and I told him yes I was. At the time I didn’t think much about it but then I started to be more aware of it and so far it seems everyday I am waking up hot and sweaty. And I know I am not wearing heavy pj’s and my blankets are made of cotton or a mix of cotton and the room is often colder when I do wake up. But then I looked it up and it could be many things like going threw menapause or maybe some of my medication and it could also be my IBS D. And come to think of it I have been waking up like this for a long while now. next time I talk to my doctor I will ask him if I need to be worried about these night sweats.

Onto something else…

Yesterday it rained but not much so I figure Spring is almost here so now the tempatures will be a lot cooler and then I will wonder when the heat goes back on. But then I have my space heater so that should help.
I think this summer I have saved the slumlord a ton of money ebcause I haven’t been using my oven at all and I haven’t been using my heated vest or my heating pad and I haven’t been using much electricity also so maybe this winter she will put the heat up to something where we are a lot more comfortable. I would love to see what the utilities bill is at right now. maybe hubby can have a look at it seeings it was him who verbally agreed to pay the carbon tax?
I also told hubby I want a rental agreement with everything we have to do and not do so it’s all in writing and I do want to sign it. I have been told that a rental agreement is something that will make me have more rights and then I will have something I can refer to when I need more information. Or I can ask the slum lord what she means by this or that and get it straight from her mouth.
I am thinking if I just don’t talk to her ever maybe I can just pretend she is dead and that isn’t her but someone else? And just call her the slumlord to her face when she is here pretending to fix things?
What is it they say? Do unto others as you would want them to do to you? But my question is why does the slum lord have to be such a bully and mean to me when all I want is to be in an enviorment that I want to live in and be happy and call my home? I wonder if she raised the rent if that would help? I wish I new why she won’t. But I think it’s because she doesn’t want to be in the next tax bracket which means she will have less money to go on her three months holidays.
Out of all the places I have rent I have never lived like this. Even when I lived in that cock roach infested apartment the management at least came and tried to sparay for the cockroaches and that was okay. And when they came back they sparayed again and again. And when I had the kitchen sink faucet drip that got fixed more then once and then there was when my son put a q=tip down the toilet and it over flowed my dad got this industrail fan to dry up the carper and then the carpet was repalced because they knew it could become moldy. So why is it most landlors I have had to rent from always fixed what needed to be fix no matter the cost?
I have been talking to a new friend from Alberta and she just recently moved and from the pictures I have seen she has a really nice place and she needed something fixed and they actually came and fixed it and now it’s as good as new. But then she is paying a lot more rent then I am so maybe that has something to do with it? I know when I lived in governemnt housing they fixed things all the time and in a timely matter and when things needed to be repalced they repalced them. And my rent was dirt cheap also.
Being here is affecting my health and things need to get fixed but for me to be moving I know most rentals I can’t afford and the ones I can always have years of a waiting list. But I will be moving and I won’t be cleaning this place when I do and maybe she will rent it out again and maybe she won’t. But if she is smart and I know she isn’t she would sell this place and then someone else can build a better house or even condos. But I think she is too old to be trying to fix this place but she is too cheap to get others who know what they are doing because she says she can’t afford it. I know that is a crock of shit because she does have the money. She paid to get her roof fixed and she paid for a new water tank so she does have the money. The roof costs something like 20,000.00 and I wonder where she got that money from and why couldn’t something down here get fixed? I just want to have a landlord tenant relationship and when I say something needs to be fixed it gets fixed and no telling me there is no money for it. Is this a lot to ask for? And the thing is I always pay my rent on time so I don’t understand why she treats me like this? She says it’s my behaviour but that is because she is giving me all these lies and excuses so I am just reacting accordingly and she can’t see that. When I first moved here what needed to be fixed got fixed right away and I don’t know why she stopped. And when I have asked her she just says because and nothing else.
I wonder how long it will take before this place gets condemed and she will have to pay me for the agravation and stress and then me getting sick like I am. I hope if I do get sicker that the law will come after her and if I have to live in an assitesd living place that she will have to pay for it.

Anyways, whatever will be will be and I just have to wait and see.

Onto something else…

Last night hubby wated me to walk up to the store which is up hill and he got a bribe for me. He took out the garbage, organics and recycling and got someof the ice out of the freezer and he told me dinner is on him so we eneded up ordering Italian and there are some left overs. But tonight I will be making the porkchops and a fresh vegetable and some noodles or rice.

As for the rest of the day I need to fold and do laundry and other then that not much.

Well, I will stop here....
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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