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I hope today is the day when you have the best day ever and you live it to the fullest.
I use to wake up and tell myself that today is a grand day and then I would have this great big smile on my face. But since I have been here I have been getting more and more stressed and depressed because I see everything here breaking and stop working or leaking or rotting or cracking. And things that were quiet when runing like the fridge and the dishwasher is now starting to make noise.
But I did get one thing fixed and now it works perfectly. My TV’s were having issies and I called the comapny and now it doesn’t make noice when I want to look at the guide and that only took a few minutes to fix with the help of the tech guy at the phone company. It really doesn’t take much for me to be happy and when I am happy I get out of my depression and my stress.
I had a conversation with hubby the other day and I asked him if he thinks any of the things that I am complaining about if he agrees with me. he told me some of the things but not all of them and I asked him why and he said because his brother said it wasn’t a big deal.(his brother use to fix things like I have that need fixing) I guess you could call him an ex construction worker. And everything that needs to be fixed the slumlord is breaking the law by not fixing it and now she can get major fines and be forced to fix everything because the way the law works is the landlord or slumlord in this case has to keep the rental unit maintained so it’s a safe enviorment for the renters. Now that I know this I will win when I report her. But I told hubby she has till Christmas or December which ever I get pissed off enough to do something. See I have to give her a resonable amount of time to fix everything and when or if she doesn’t then I will report her. I also want to give hubby enough time to ask her to please fix these things.
I did learn and hubby will get more information that a crack that is more then the width of a credit crad is too big and needs to be fixed. I am noticing that the edges around the crack is starting to crumble and that doesn’t look good. I bet if I took a hammer to it that it would just cruble and get bigger and then a huge hole would be there.
And we have a new area where there is saw dust comming form the wood ceiling and the slum lord is only going to use a spray that might work to kill some of the bugs but then the dead ones will drop down to the floor and more sawdust will come down. She has used this sopray before and it doesn’t really work that well because there are still more bugs and it needs to be fumigated and she won’t do that and a new ceiling has to be built. And because this house is old she won’t do that. But I have figured that there are houses that are what is considered herritage homes and they are maintained and things fixed. So why can’t this one have the same attention?
You know about 5 years ago the slumlord looked really good and she always dressed nice and her hair was always done nice. Now she looks like a 80 year old hippy and is wearing pants that you can see her outline of her underwear and her shirts don’t fit right and her boobs seem to have gotten bigger and she has gained a lot of weight and I can see her chin has excess skin on it and little hairs that are growing on her face and her hair is down to her shoulders and she has a bald spot right in the middle of her head and her hair is all gray. Not even a nice color gray. Me on the other hand still have some of my natural color with a lot of gray and curly hair but my weight is something to be desired and I tend to wear loose fitting clothes. And I always try to smile and tell people they have cool hair or cool shoes and then they smile and say thank you. The slum lord I have never seen smile or say anything nice to me. And she never has thanked me for anything where I have always thanked her for fixing something and that I really appreciate that she did this for me. And she says nothing. And I am finding that she is not telling me the truth because after hubby has talked to her and told her something needs to be fixed she has told him she will fix it but when I ask her when she will be fixing it she tells me no she isn’t and she doesn’t mind that I think it needs to be at least looked at and also she says she doesn’t care what I think. So this is why I am always on the defensive and always ask the relevent questions and she just says it’s my house and I can move. I start out asking good questions then the response she gives me is what gets me on the defensive and I become rude. I would just like to have what I call a normal conversation and get answers to my questions. And to be treated like a human being and not like some homeless type of person.
The question I have is how can you be responsible for a home that you spent thousnads of dollars on and just not care about it? Why buy the house in the first place? But I have a feeling that in a short time she will be selling this house becausue I don’t think she can keep up the maintaince for it and she certianlly not maintian the rental suite.
I just hope I don’t get any sicker because when I do I will be taking her to court and she will have to be paying for all my medication that my insurance doesn’t cover plus I will be asking for a few thousand just because.

Onto something else....

Hopefully my son will be here for breakfast and if he isn’t I told him if he isn’t here by 10 am he won’t be getting any so we will see when he shows up. He did ask me what time and I told him I am awake at 6 am so anytime from there.
And tonight we are going to have steak and mashed potatoes and carrotts. But I need to figure out where I put the steaks and so far I can’t find them. But I will keep looking and when hubby gets up I will get him to look also.

Other then my son comming to visit there isn’t much else to say here…I need to stop and get some more coffee…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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theKat August 27, 2023

Only you can find the happiness inside your heart.... you have to either brush it off and decide you are just going to be happy and smile and laugh.... that would probably kill her soul LOL
or you need to actually do something! like move or contact the health dept.

Jodie theKat ⋅ August 27, 2023

I will be doing both....

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