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  • Aug. 25, 2023, 3 a.m.
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Wow how the days just fly by. And the otherday it was just Monday. But the thing is I probally don’t live each day like it’s my last and I probally should. Nothing very exciting ever happens and I am never treated like I should be except by hubby.
I asked hubby last night if it would be alright to slap the slumlord up side of the ehad then call the police and tell them what I did. he said not to do that because I would be going to jail. So I figure that isn’t an option for me. But when the slum lord talks to me about anything she is always snarky and tells me that it’s okay and she doesn’t mind and that tells me that she doesn’t care that things need to get fixed and she is breaking the law and can get fined. She thinks she is just the same as Trump and can do no wrong because they both have the money. I think she knows she is breaking the law but because this house was built in 1969 it’s too old to fix it according to code.
I do know one thing as a fact that if everything was fixed when it actually happeend OI wouldn’t be like this and I would actually care if I cleaned this place like I use to when my son was small. That place you could eat off of the floor and everything was always clean. But here I don’t see the point to be cleaning something that is broken or needs to be replaced. I figure if everything that needed to be fixed here was actually fixed when I first saw it the cost would be 3/4 of what it is now. I just don’t understand why people wait so long and then they say they can’t afford it. That makes no sense to me. If you are a landlord then you always have the money to fix things no matter the cost.
Here is a perfect example....
I had this electric cheese grater and the plastic feed thing was cracked and I saw as time went by the crack got wider so I bought another one because I know that the crack will only get worse and because it’s electric other things could go wrong with it also over time. Well maybe that isn’t a great example but it’s all I can think of right now.

Onto something else....

I am so nervous about doing laundry because I am afraid that the washer will start to leak again but this time flood the laundry room and I am afrais that the dryer heat will get too hot and cause a fire. So I am only doing laundry when there is nothing left like underwear and socks. And I am only washing dishes once a day because I am afraid the kitchen sink will leak again and creat a flood in the kitchen. I shouldn’t have to be afraid to live in a home and call it mine. But with all the things I am forbidden to do I can’t do that. I can’t light my candles, I can’t listen to my loud music and I can’t be comfortable and have the right amount of heat I need. Every other place I have lived in I never had these issues and I was always happy. Now I wake up and I am miserable and wondering what will stop working or break and then get blamed for it and then evicted. I wish I could just live and if things need to be fixed to get them fixed in a timely manner and stop having the threats of “if I don’t like it not being fixed I can move.”
Am I wrong for wanting to have a home that I can actually use? And not worry how much trouble I will get in and blamed for it?
I told hubby that the slumlord has to stop telling me she doesn’t mind that something needs fixing because it’s broken or has an issue and that she doesn’t mind that I want it fixed. I also told him that the next time she says that I will be reporting her and then she will have to get everything fixed in a timely manner. And all he said was he wishes I wouldn’t do that then I told him then make sure these things get fixed. And he said he will be talking to her about these things. I just wish he would tell her already but he wants to do this one at a time so he doesn’t over whelm her. But I think it’s too late for that.

Onto something else....

Well,I need to stop here and start my day…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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theKat August 25, 2023

1969 should not be too old to fix.. many super nice homes are over 200 years old

Jodie theKat ⋅ August 25, 2023

I know but the law is that she has to fix everything it's the law, unless no one is living here ever again.

theKat Jodie ⋅ August 25, 2023

well the law is not working in your area

Jodie theKat ⋅ August 25, 2023

Yeah it works but she just threatens me with something worse and that scares me....But oneday she will get slammed into a brick wall I promise.

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